Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wonderfully Busy Saturday

Our mornings start early now with temperatures in the upper 90's.  The horses have started their evening turn-out when grazing is a lot cooler.  They're brought back in early the next morning for their grain and will stay inside during the day.  Their stalls have been cleaned with fresh shavings added, they have fresh water, and each horse has about 3 fans going all day.  Sometimes we make big "ice-cubes" to add to their water buckets.  Horses like cool water.  They're checked over when we bring them in from their overnight graze checking for any cuts or scraps that might have occurred.  We check their eyes for any puffiness and clean their hooves.  It's rare, but occasionally, we get one to come in with a swollen eye or scrap and wonder how in the world that happened.  Who knows.  We have other things to tend to while they eat their breakfast. Then we'll be back up here. 

Zinnias ~
These are definitely my all-time favorite annual.  They just bloom their little hearts out for me.  The butterflies just love them.  I get a nice bouquet all summer long.  These flowers make people smile. I had time while the horses were eating to drag the hose around and give all flower beds a little squirt this morning. 

I harvested all the squash and zucchini while I was out in the garden area.  I just can't believe the harvest from these this year.  I have cooked just about everything there is to cook with them.  So, now it's time to share with friends and neighbors. 

Once Ace finished his breakfast, it was time for his little workout which didn't go really well.  We all have our days, 2-legged or 4 ~ sometimes it just doesn't work.  Like Mother and daughter out at the riding ring some days.  Hope the neighbor's don't hear us ... urgggh!!!!

We got cleaned up.  I had time to run by the Farmers Market and see my back woods neighbors.  They have a certified organic farm and have a CSA ~ absolutely beautiful farm.  They just do everything so right, so beautiful, OMG!!  They set up at about 3, maybe 4, different locations on the weekends. Outrageous.

Daughter #1 worked the store this a.m. while me and daughter #2 did the work at home.  This one here took the afternoon shift.  We had a pretty good business day.  Seems everyone wants a hammock for Dad.  I hope he has good balance! I always want to meet the people who have the time to lay in one.  Everyone I know only lie down when they sleep at night. 

That was my day. It really was good.  Good-night little friends - Debi


  1. Oh, I've had days in the ring with my daughter where I wished the neighbors weren't just yards through the treeline :-)

  2. It's hard to beat a hammock in the backyard. Hubby sure enjoys his!


  3. Can't believe th size of those veggies! You are doing something right. Loving your beautiful flowers. Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. What a beautiful place. Didn't know all of that about the horses, out when its cool, in when its hot, fans. You guys ( meaning people who own horses), sure is a lot of work. Seems like you love it though. And CSA's, love em, have used them .

  5. I sure hope we can get some relief from the heat this week. It's been so hot here as well. Hope you have a blessed week and those flowers and veges look so good!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend to me :) Those Zinnas are beautiful; I just planted some seeds myself and cannot wait to see what I get.

    I just LOVE when the horses get to go out in the evenings on hot summer days. It seems SO relaxing.

  7. Looks like a busy morning. My boys and I have had a off day today too. Must be in the air. That horse is beautiful as is your daughter. I adore my flowers, but I don't have as many as you. Yours are so pretty and colorful.

  8. I love zinnias in the summertime, too! Thanks for stopping by my blog :-) I'm following you, too.

  9. We have a whole shop next to us so every one in the shop can probably hear what is going on. It sounds like you take great care of your horses, I was just wondering how do you treat a swollen eye? I am sure your friends and neighbours will be very happy to receive the squashes and zucchinis they look lovely.