Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Horses & Such

I know why so many horse-loving people love this color horse.
(He's growing up and doesn't look like a baby too much anymore).

All you have to do is clean this a few times and you get it. 
Totally ~ get it!

My Hellebore's are growing and blooming like crazy.  I threw a little of natures natural fertilizer on them in early fall and I think they loved it. 

The woods are just full of them.  They have multiplied so many times over the years and have just spread out beyond belief.  The Hellebore gardeners would just love to get their hands on a few of these I believe. 

Hopefully you can understand this picture.  With our temperatures so unbelievably nice in the low to mid 60's lately here in the Carolina's, I decided to start moving the compost to the flower and vegetable beds.  All I have to do is throw a rock in the compost boxes and that crazy Potter will jump in there and turn the compost for me.  I know it's outrageous to see your Jack Russell going nuts slinging all that soil around looking for the rock, but do you see how rich that soil is in my wheelbarrow ~ golly, I think I might be on to something!! I wonder what would happen if I threw all three of my Jacks in there.  Probably would result in a huge Jack Russell free for all fight with a lot of fur flying, that's what, but a lot of good turned compost for sure.   

Sweet Gracie tried to start a little fight with Potter tonight.  The food dishes were just a little too close to each other.  She was snatched up just in time. She's the smallest of the pack, but hands down, I believe the meanest.  They all hunt, true to their breed, but Gracie is special because she climbs trees.  Yes, that's what I said.  If it is on a little tilt, up she goes after the enemy - the squirrel.  A couple of years ago, she lost her footing and fell about 25-30 feet. She broke a rib.  You would have thought one of our 2-legged children had fallen by the way we sped off to the animal emergency.  Hubby loves these dogs (softer spot for Gracie). I often question my place on the totem pole??? Just sayin'.
  Agenda for the day ~ Let the dog in - let the dog out -  Debi


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Atlanta Buying Trip

It has been a whirlwind of craziness.
I've been trying to keep up with all of you and read up on what you've been doing.  I just haven't had the time to write.  Daughter and I made the Atlanta trip.  The photo above does no justice to how many floors and more floors and buildings our little feet traveled pulling that blessed little wheelie cart all over the place.  Deals were made and things were purchased.  I switched shoes 2 hours after I got in there, if that tells you anything!  This place was not for the weak - do not try to wear the little cute shoes!

I must tell you that photography was not "really" allowed inside, but I did ask before I snapped away.  There were a lot of things we wanted photos of just so we wouldn't forget these businesses.  The Bling, WOW~~ - We stayed way too long on the jewelry floor.  There was one point where we thought we had lost our wallets!  I had the look of a wild bangee woman on my face.  We torn that wheelie apart, our bags ..everything came out and down only to find them tucked right where they were supposed to be. Meg did make a purchase of a necklace called the "Queen".  Oh yes, lots of glitz and bling; sort-of a shabby chic piece, but boy does it get attention.  She looked adorable in it.  I know - I know, there are no pictures of us.  I don't know how that happened.  I could shoot myself for not getting some of her to chronicle her journey and this adventure she is getting ready to embark on.  Darn!   

Had to check out the outdoor stuff for hubby.  I wanted it all.  Of all places, someone recognized us as the "hammock people" from North Carolina (small world, isn't it).

We were so exhausted each evening that we really just collapsed.  Of course, we had to look at catalogs, calculate, price, discuss, and get the plan for the next day.  We were so lucky with really mild temperatures outside.  This little gal above had the neatest little hankie shoppe.  Just adorably displayed and girlie-girl.

Fairy Gardens - Gonna be a good thing, I think.  Got alot of attention

We hooked up with some other North Carolina businesses we met while traveling MARTA.  They showed some short-cuts getting from point A to B which were so helpful. 
It would be so hard to be a buyer for a huge specialty gift store.  I don't know how those folks do it.  You have to really know your customer and what your market is.  We even had to ponder long and hard on several occasions, and had to walk away sadly on many products. 

Owls were a hit in everything!

Loved bike baskets!

LED little lights a huge favorite.

Now that we're back, things are full speed ahead.  Family business has taken a different twist and husband has been very busy getting that going.  I think tonight was our first meal together in over a week and it was a late dinner.  It's been mostly just touching base during the day by cell phone and to bed exhausted at night.  Daughter #1 now knows what she needs to do to get the boutique ready.  She and I can hardly sleep from the excitment of this adventure.  The ideas and thoughts that come to you in the middle of the night - why then, I don't know.  Do you ever get up and jot down those thoughts?

Anyway, great trip.  All is well with the rest of the surroundings.  Wet weather here.  The horses are tearing up the pasture.  Don't EVER buy a gray horse.  I'll post a picture of Ace soon - absolutely pitiful looking fella ... so muddy and dirty.   The Jack Russels goal is to get the squirrel.  I am their biggest fan.  I yell from the sidelines - "Get the nasty ...bleep"!!

Gotta scoot  - Later, Debi

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


                                                   LET'S GO!


Much needed change of scenery is about to happen.  Daughter and I are headed to Atlanta buying market the rest of the week.  Hubby does the Chicago show and now it's our turn to take on Atlanta.  We've never done this one before, so we are twitchy with excitement.  I'm sure we will be dizzy from looking at all the products out there.  Daughter has been busy working on her little gypsy caravan, so the market is a great place to go and get ideas and see what's out there for her to sale.  It's also a good chance for market exhibitors to see the direction the new and young entrepreneur is going.  She likes vintage, one if a kind, eclectic things.  We have our little wheelie bags, big pocketbooks, good shoes, business cards all ready to head out.  It's good to look for outdoor living things while we're there for hubby.  So many people are turning those decks and screened in porches into covered living spaces these days.   Do you have an outdoor living space?  What makes it special and what's on your wish list to put out there - besides the big grill, of course. I'd love to hear your ideas. 
                                    Pinned Image

I'll write when we return and tell you about our finds. 
                                                                 Later ~ Debi                                                                                        


Saturday, January 7, 2012

What a Week!

The busy have no time for tears.
    Lord Byron 

What a week it has been.  The beginning of this new year has been nothing short of craziness in the biggest heaps. 
I had taken several days off and wasn't even sure what day to get on back to work.  Wish I had stayed under the covers.

We renovated the bottom floor's bathroom a year ago and have had problems with the work since day one.  We have tried so many different things so as not to have to tear out the work - but, this week, the renovators had to come back and COMPLETELY re-do all the work.  Actually, I am extremely pleased and like this better.  We just have to repaint.

Same time with above going on, the crew came to get all the leaves off the property yard.  I don't know how it happened, or if they were involved (could have been a deer), but all the televisions stopped working on Tuesday.  Could not get repair until today (Saturday).

Meanwhile, same day (Tuesday), the toilet handle fails and the flapper won't work, AND the shower starts dripping. Plumber came Thursday evening and stayed until 8:30 p.m. 

Because I was vacationing over the holidays, and I had NO backup in our clinic, my work day began a little after 6:00 a.m. and most days didn't get home until about 5:30 or so p.m.  Worn out, pooped to boot, dog-tired, whatever ~ that's me.   I had my cell phone on my desk at work; could NOT locate it when I headed out.  Searched everywhere.  Not in my pocketbook, my coat pockets, no where.  I  felt panicky.  I knew I had it on my desk ~ did someone take it?
That's hard to think about, but it was GONE.  The ringer was off because we cannot use them in the clinic.  Went straight to Verizon on the way home and had them shut that phone down, paid the deductible, and hopefully should have a new phone sometime today.  FYI - before we shut my phone down, we called my number and the ringer was on!  - just sayin'.

I'm still packing away the Christmas stuff.  It started out in a somewhat orderly fashion, then as the above week started to crumble, it slowly became organized chaos. 

Since the Direct TV man left early this morning (yes, he got here on time about 8'ish), I feel like a crazed woman on drugs catching up with all the laundry, mopping and cleaning that had been forgotten all week long. 

Dust - you do NOT have dust like me.  Combine dirt road, animal dander, and whatever comes in - it seems an exhausting day of dusting. I am considering hiring some help.  I am not ashamed.

Alas, I am quite proud of myself ~ I hit not one after-Christmas sale.  I have not brought anything back into this house.  I've been tempted, but the busyiness of above kept me grounded here at home. 

I've loved reading what everyone is doing.  Sounds like a few projects are coming along in some of your blogs and the weather is keeping a few of you in.  Love reading about all your critters and of course, all of your photos of home and garden. 
  Take Care ~ Debi