Saturday, January 7, 2012

What a Week!

The busy have no time for tears.
    Lord Byron 

What a week it has been.  The beginning of this new year has been nothing short of craziness in the biggest heaps. 
I had taken several days off and wasn't even sure what day to get on back to work.  Wish I had stayed under the covers.

We renovated the bottom floor's bathroom a year ago and have had problems with the work since day one.  We have tried so many different things so as not to have to tear out the work - but, this week, the renovators had to come back and COMPLETELY re-do all the work.  Actually, I am extremely pleased and like this better.  We just have to repaint.

Same time with above going on, the crew came to get all the leaves off the property yard.  I don't know how it happened, or if they were involved (could have been a deer), but all the televisions stopped working on Tuesday.  Could not get repair until today (Saturday).

Meanwhile, same day (Tuesday), the toilet handle fails and the flapper won't work, AND the shower starts dripping. Plumber came Thursday evening and stayed until 8:30 p.m. 

Because I was vacationing over the holidays, and I had NO backup in our clinic, my work day began a little after 6:00 a.m. and most days didn't get home until about 5:30 or so p.m.  Worn out, pooped to boot, dog-tired, whatever ~ that's me.   I had my cell phone on my desk at work; could NOT locate it when I headed out.  Searched everywhere.  Not in my pocketbook, my coat pockets, no where.  I  felt panicky.  I knew I had it on my desk ~ did someone take it?
That's hard to think about, but it was GONE.  The ringer was off because we cannot use them in the clinic.  Went straight to Verizon on the way home and had them shut that phone down, paid the deductible, and hopefully should have a new phone sometime today.  FYI - before we shut my phone down, we called my number and the ringer was on!  - just sayin'.

I'm still packing away the Christmas stuff.  It started out in a somewhat orderly fashion, then as the above week started to crumble, it slowly became organized chaos. 

Since the Direct TV man left early this morning (yes, he got here on time about 8'ish), I feel like a crazed woman on drugs catching up with all the laundry, mopping and cleaning that had been forgotten all week long. 

Dust - you do NOT have dust like me.  Combine dirt road, animal dander, and whatever comes in - it seems an exhausting day of dusting. I am considering hiring some help.  I am not ashamed.

Alas, I am quite proud of myself ~ I hit not one after-Christmas sale.  I have not brought anything back into this house.  I've been tempted, but the busyiness of above kept me grounded here at home. 

I've loved reading what everyone is doing.  Sounds like a few projects are coming along in some of your blogs and the weather is keeping a few of you in.  Love reading about all your critters and of course, all of your photos of home and garden. 
  Take Care ~ Debi


  1. Phew...I bet you are glad that week is over and that you made it out alive! - I didn't go to any after Christmas sales either, I wouldn't dare as I can hardly fit what we brought back from the City House into the Little House. - Maybe you should hire some help, even if just temporary, so you can get back to normal. - Have a great weekend my friend! xo

  2. Oh,shame Debi,we are also renovating a bathroom and I have concrete dust all over my house. You sure had one busy week! Don't feel guilty about hiring some help!!!

  3. Jeez! I'd have pulled my hair out by now. Animal dander, dust? Ugh. My house does not even stay dust free for a few hours and it's back again. So annoying.

  4. Whatta week, I can see why you're glad it's over!! But I have to tell you, I can go toe to toe with you on the dust thing--Where does it all come from? The only thing I can figure is that it knows it's safe here... :-)

  5. Oh, Debi! I feel for you. I haven't had a week like that since we redid the kitchen and the bathroom and laundry room went on the blink at the same time. At least it all gets taken care of in a close {!!} time frame.

    Hope next week is better! :-)


  6. Hire help! Just do it. Why not if you can afford it - makes all the difference in the world for your peace of mind.
    I am just grateful the holidays are done for another year and life is going back to normal this coming week.

  7. Sounds like one heck of a week. Hope you find some rest soon

  8. The only good thing about crazy weeks like that is they do seem to go by really quickly...without giving you a chance to breathe! Hopefully things will settle a bit! I'm jealous... you have your Christmas stuff all packed. I have some Santa's, some rocking horses and some nut crackers all staring at me... glaring! They want to go away and I'm blogging!