Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Horses & Such

I know why so many horse-loving people love this color horse.
(He's growing up and doesn't look like a baby too much anymore).

All you have to do is clean this a few times and you get it. 
Totally ~ get it!

My Hellebore's are growing and blooming like crazy.  I threw a little of natures natural fertilizer on them in early fall and I think they loved it. 

The woods are just full of them.  They have multiplied so many times over the years and have just spread out beyond belief.  The Hellebore gardeners would just love to get their hands on a few of these I believe. 

Hopefully you can understand this picture.  With our temperatures so unbelievably nice in the low to mid 60's lately here in the Carolina's, I decided to start moving the compost to the flower and vegetable beds.  All I have to do is throw a rock in the compost boxes and that crazy Potter will jump in there and turn the compost for me.  I know it's outrageous to see your Jack Russell going nuts slinging all that soil around looking for the rock, but do you see how rich that soil is in my wheelbarrow ~ golly, I think I might be on to something!! I wonder what would happen if I threw all three of my Jacks in there.  Probably would result in a huge Jack Russell free for all fight with a lot of fur flying, that's what, but a lot of good turned compost for sure.   

Sweet Gracie tried to start a little fight with Potter tonight.  The food dishes were just a little too close to each other.  She was snatched up just in time. She's the smallest of the pack, but hands down, I believe the meanest.  They all hunt, true to their breed, but Gracie is special because she climbs trees.  Yes, that's what I said.  If it is on a little tilt, up she goes after the enemy - the squirrel.  A couple of years ago, she lost her footing and fell about 25-30 feet. She broke a rib.  You would have thought one of our 2-legged children had fallen by the way we sped off to the animal emergency.  Hubby loves these dogs (softer spot for Gracie). I often question my place on the totem pole??? Just sayin'.
  Agenda for the day ~ Let the dog in - let the dog out -  Debi



  1. Can I borrow that compost turner? :)

    Lucky for me, my 2 full-sized horses are WHITE!!!

  2. It sounds like you are making the most of your mild winter. Love your woods full of Hellebores.

    What a great garden helper. :-)

    Your horses are always a joy to behold.


  3. We had a white pony for many years... loved him dearly. Did not love trying to keep him looking white :-)

  4. I planted one hellebore plant last year. I'll be interested in seeing if it really does bloom again! The plant is still alive, but I don't see any buds on it.
    I loved the picture of the horses; what a contrast!

  5. Yes, Black is easy.. Buckskins aren't too bad either. Potter is a hoot - he's just helping you with the gardening! :)

  6. And I thought washing dogs was work! The horses...the amazing "compost turner"...the flowers (I WILL be checking out what those are...I am sure they do not grow in the desert) - all beautiful pictures, but I think I have a soft spot for Gracie, too! Anyone that can climb a tree that high, in search of a squirrel can't be all bad. Happy Thursday - Tanya

  7. Hello! Thanks for your comment on yummymummykitchen.com. I'm so happy to have found your beautiful blog. I grew up with horses and really miss riding and loving them, so I'm glad to vicariously be a horsie person again through your blog. I think I will get my 4 year old started with lessons soon :) Have a great weekend.

  8. One of the horses I have been considering for my next horse is a Palomino, just because he's exactly what I want for riding reasons. But I had a Palomino once and it was horrible trying to keep him clean, using special shampoo. Not fun at all.
    What a pretty flower. I wonder if they grow here since we don't really have woods.