Tuesday, March 6, 2012



The daytime job has taken control of my life.  Some personal sadness is also heavy on my heart. I'm sort of in that in-between state of dragging and then bursting with energy.  My time management has issues these days too.   I think we all have those times when things just get a little whacked out.  I'm going to take a little hiatus and take my fingers off the keys.  While I'm out in cognito, I'll just read up on what you all are doing on your blogs.  Give me something to laugh about.  I must take a hiatus.  Life happens!   ~ Debi

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yin & Yang

When you can listen to your thoughts

without becoming lost in what you hear;

When you can hear them

without adding or subtracting,

without editing

When you can remember the

very worst without cringing,

without even an eyeblink of the mind,

it's then your life will turn.
                                   ~ Journeys on Mind Mountain  

I'm working on mindfulness, once again trying to "stay in the moment".  When I found the above, it made a lot of sense.  I think it might help to print it out and read it every day.  Trying to get the yin and yangs to work together these days is quite a challenge especially with the crazy weather, but I'm up for a little push. 

There was supposed to be a big training session at work this weekend. 5 days scheduled, including the weekend, 8-7 p.m. each day to get the job done.  Luckily, mission accomplished mostly in 2 days and out the door we ran.  Have to go back on Monday, but the weekend is mine!  We had tremendous rain last night, but nothing like other parts of the country.  It is so sad for those the weather caused tremendous heartache.  My heart aches when I hear their stories and see those pictures.  I pray for all you that were touched from storm devastation and always hope for guardian angles to watch over each of us as we move about our day.  Have a great weekend everybody - Debi