Thursday, June 2, 2011

Squash Bandit Arrested

My squash was disappearing from the garden.  I was finding in out in my yard.  It looked like some animal was eating it like it was corn on the cob!! I could not figure it out.  Then .... it happened. I caught sight of the thief.   Jack Russell, Potter, in plain view opened the gate with his nifty little paw, searched the big leaves of the squash and zucchini, grabbed his prize, and off he went.  It took 3 robberies of vegetables before I caught what was going on, then captured the evidence on camera. He was NAILED!!

Look at him ~ No shame

                                              Trying to escape
Nabbed and Arrested!


  1. How funny, my husband and I are laughing right now. It reminds us of our dogs with milk mustaches after they steal the cats milk..hahaha!

  2. What a great place you have here, I just started reading.. we have a Bailey dog too!

  3. ha ha ha! the evidence is overwhelming in this case. thanks for this post. made me laugh and smile.

  4. Just getting his daily vitamins. Most dogs love veggies. How smart of him to open the gate and go shopping all by himself... LOL

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for your VERY kind comment. Going to snoop around your blog now. :-)


  5. It's hard for a vegetarian dog to get a decent meal. We all do what we must.

  6. Lol that is one sweet dog I bet they are loving all those home grown veggies.

  7. Too cute! My hounds does this with apples during apple picking season ;)