Sunday, June 26, 2011

Celebration ~!

What a weekend ~ Today, I am more than tired.  Saturday evening was a birthday celebration for my good guy and man of the house, Mr. W or, as some call him, "hammock-man".  This party was all about him - his friends, his beer, his night, his music ~ a surprise party. I don't know what happened to my camera or anyone responsible to take the pictures, but this is all I have.  There were drinks served that could have started an engine, so....  I will say, it was a very GOOD evening. 

Mr. W. on his birthday, before things got started .....

It was supposed to rain and I was planning a cookout.  At the last minute, maybe Thursday, I decided I couldn't deal with the rain and decided to cater a barbecue dinner. It was so worth it.  No stress. 

Everyone's table had a bouquet of my zinnias. They were so pretty.

Every man here said he owned a jacket like that at that age.  So funny.  Everyone signed their birthday wishes to Mr. W. He loved it. 

Our woods were sparkling with all the grapevine balls up in the trees throughout the woods.  No rain, clear night.  It looked magical.

 We'll just call it a "wine-tasting" ..uh, umm.....

And, of course the birthday cake.  I found it this morning looking like this. 

I know you tire of horse pictures, but just had to throw in the evening shot here.  The yearling is settling down (still not out with Ace yet), and things are good. 
Have a good week, Debi


  1. It sounds like you planned a perfect Birthday for your Mr. I bet the effect from the grapevine lights at night were spectacular, especially into the woods, Wow!

  2. It looks and sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration for your Mr. Glad it did not rain.

    I enjoy your lovely horse photos.


  3. How fun! So glad you went the catering route, I'm sure it gave you time to relax and enjoy. Happy birthday Mr. Sevengatesfarm!

  4. Happy Birthday to Mr. Sevengatesfarm indeed!

  5. Happy birthday to Mr W. It must have been a lovely birthday party, with all your hard work to make it so special. Don’t worry I will never tire of horse photos especially not such nice ones, I am glad to hear the new guy is settling in well.

  6. Happy Birthday yummy cake. The horses are beautiful. It looks like you all had a great time. B

  7. Hey, your husband was wearing my jacket! And that cake, or whats left of it, looks like you were using horseshoes for forks. Must have been a great party. Good for him.

  8. Love the horses and happy birthday to the Mr.!