Monday, June 6, 2011

Always a Horse Day

We had the vet come check Sail out.  Our easy keeper just hasn't been drinking any water in this heat.  (He drank but not enough). He wasn't dehydrated (yet), but we went ahead and gave electrolytes and, electrolyte paste, which didn't seem to make him want to drink any different.  Big ice cubes in his water didn't work. (They are terribly spoiled). He then developed a fever, legs a little puffy, so we became concerned - call the vet.  He has a virus. We separated the horses in different pastures for a couple of days.  He's back to himself now.  Little heat stress.  Cha-Ching to the Vet.

Ally did get some riding time in.  I always have to video or set the bars, run get this, get that, bring fly spray, get the crop, ......

                                    Ace tries to be so fancy sometimes.  

The ride is over; cool down done, time for a shower!

Aaaah..that feels so good!

He deserves this treat of good hay.  He was such a good boy. 


  1. Ace is a beauty! And I can see your horses are spoiled :-)

  2. i'm sure it's hard work, but can i just say how lucky you are to have such beautiful horses! and thank you for a peek of a day in the life of such awesome creatures.

  3. What a relief for you, that Sail is feeling better, so frightening when our furry loved ones are under the weather. xo

  4. What a nice arena, barn and especially nice horse. Hope Sail is happy and healthy soon.

  5. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!

  6. So glad your beautiful horse is feeling better, it looks like you’ve got a really nice set up and a very big ménage. Ace looks happy with his nice food he is certainly a good looking horse.

  7. Sorry about Sail...I can just imagine how expensive a vet for a horse is just from my experience with my dogs!

    Beautiful pictures. I couldn't help but feel cooler myself seeing the horse get sprayed down. It has hit 100 degrees here in the upper Midwest! Whew!! Hope it's cooler near you!


  8. Glad everyones feeling better. A nice cool shower always helps. The horses are so beautiful, wish I had room for some.

  9. I am so glad it was just a virus!

  10. Happy the horse is doing better! You've had your share of animal woes lately, so happy all are feeling better.
    Hugs Rosemary...XX