Monday, June 27, 2011

Are You Getting Ready?

July is right around the corner.  It's hard to believe.  One of my favorite holidays is July 4th.  I love seeing old glory flying high, the colors of red, white and blue, fireworks, and cookouts. 
Are you planning something grand for July 4th?

I must admit, along with the huge tubs of Christmas decorations and Halloween creepy stuff, I do have a tub full of July 4th decorations stored in the decoration hide-out area.  I am always in search of the Mister or a daughter to help me drag it out and go through it to see what I want to set out, hang up, lay out, or wrap around for the holiday.  We're so tucked in back here in the woods that the husband thinks I'm crazy because no one sees it unless I have another party or someone random drives back down here.  I guess its more for me and I love for my (almost grown) daughters to see it. Hopefully, they will be inspired to carry on one day.   They all complain like crazy about giving me a little help, but love it when it's all done. 
                                                                               ~ Debi


  1. Debi, Does your daughter have a blog...any pics of her trailer? When I have a minute I really want to go through your past all sound like our kind of e-mail is if your daughter has any questions on her trailer...

  2. Hi Debi,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed you comment about Dave!
    I am working the poor guy to death I think LOL!
    It's hard to find nice July 4th decor these days! Hopefully you'll share photos of your place all decorated..... I need some ideas!
    Appreciate the kind words on my hooked mat! Thank-you so very much!
    Cathy G

  3. I think I decorate for myself mostly, even if I were in the woods like you, I would still want to see all the pretties. Looking forward to seeing what you end up with!

  4. I like those candles! We always had a house set way off the road until moving to This Old House. I have always decorated, and wondered if I should bother because not many got to see it. Now that we're at This Old House, it's fun to know passers-by can enjoy the decorations too...

    I think you'll find your kids are grateful that you do that extra work, even just for the family.

  5. Those candles are so cute!! I LOVE 4th of July too; we always have a big cookout/picnic/fireworks display on our farm. Next to Halloween, it is probably my second favorite holiday!

    PS.. to answer your question on the Purslane from my blog, most consider it a weed, but I put up a post today about it :)

  6. Nope we haven’t got anything planned that I know of. Decorating stresses me out because we always leave it till the last minute, but I do love to see them all up, it’s very nice to see everything decorated and looking good. Oh and nice candles I really like all the different colour strips.

  7. I do love to bring out the decorations too. Happy 4th to you. xoxo

  8. What a lucky
    day for me.
    YOU found me.
    And now, I've
    found you. Your
    blog and your
    life are both
    beautiful. Sending
    you big hugs,
    xx Suzanne

  9. Debi ~ Your table setting is gorgeous! I just love the candles so festive. Enjoy your long weekend with lots of family fun! Lots of hugs, Rosemary...XX

  10. Love the candles! Too cute.