Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I like BIG pots.  The property is sprawled out, so big pots with big things fill up the green space.  My daughters gave me the iron pot to the left for my birthday.  Can't wait to fill it up, but I'm not sure with what yet.  The green pot, I think will be filled with (all yellow theme) ~ Sunflowers, snapdragons, cockscombs, marigolds, lime green potato veins.  Since the woods surrounding me just scream "GREEN", I'm thinking the yellow would be a nice contrast and you can really see it from a distance.
Honest to God True Story About the Pots

I have help out here on the property with mowing, weed-eating, etc.  This new group of guys came out one time.  I was trying to show them around where to touch up some places. I had big pots and plants out all over the place.  I was talking to the head fella about a particular area where a planter was located.  This is what I said:  "Be careful around my pot over there and don't knock it over".  This is what he said: "Oh, I won't mow over your pot, I smoke a little sometimes too".         


  1. I am laughing hard right now. It is funnier after you get to what he said and then you go back and read again what you said to him.

    I am so drawn to big pots and your plan for the green one with all yellow will be stunning.

  2. Ha! Ha! Come on, fess up! :))) Too funny!!!
    Hugs Rosemary...X