Sunday, December 25, 2011

I Must Have Been Good

Oh my goodness ~ Yes sir-e, I was good.  Opened up a lap top early this a.m. and I'm thinking I'm already screwed.  My fingers are all over the place.  I think the break-in from desk top to lap is going to be a little challenging.  I'm so EXCITED.  I loaded that picture up there too!  I know I sound like a kid with a new toy, BUT hey, that's what it's exactly like!! 

We had a great Christmas Eve with my girls and boyfriends and, let's see 7 dogs.  We closed our store when the mall closed at 6:00 p.m.   Had a pretty decent last business day.  We ate  a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner at Spice Street Restaurant.  The atmosphere was so festive and everyone in the Christmas spirit.   Woke up this morning and cooked a tremendously big breakfast for the crew.  The agenda started off a little crazy ~ you know "let the dog in - let the dog out", but we got there.  Everyone here has been happy with their gifts.  It is nap time now for the fam.  Some never went to sleep!!   While they're having their little siesta, I'll throw the ham in the oven for a few ham biscuits later on.  Tradition speaks to a movie together on Christmas night.  Not sure yet what we will see.  Mission Impossible is climbing the totem pole from the guys as a winner; we'll see.    It might be tradition is broken as the house smells so good and it's so warm from the fire burning that we all just lazy-up and stay put.. 

Anyone headed out for after Christmas sales?  There is not one thing I need, but lots that I would like.  I'll probably stay put as there is major clean-up here to do. 

Hope everyone's day was fabulous.  My glass is raised to Christmas 2011. 

                                                           Have a great evening everyone ~ Debi 


  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful, Merry Christmas! Wishing you all of the things that make your heart sing in the New Year, my friend! xxoo

  2. Is that a Toshiba? If so, that's what I bought over five years ago and it still works perfect.

    It just sounds so cozy with the fire and all, I know I wouldn't want to go out. But then, I don't have young kids either. Merry Christmas Debi!

  3. I'm so glad that your Christmas has been an enjoyable and memorable one!! I'm not going to the sales, I'm like you, there's nothing I need...At least I don't think... :-)

  4. Fortunately we don't need any after Christmas sale items either. In fact I have lots of things to take to Goodwill. Things i hope someone else can use. Merry Christmas.... I can smell the ham!!!

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely day. Enjoy getting familiar with your laptop.


  6. It sounds lovely and I'm so glad you got a new computer!

  7. Merry Christmas! Lots of love and joy sent your way!

  8. Merry Christmas and congrats on the new lappie!
    Yes, it takes a while to convert. I wouldn't trade my laptop for anything! Have fun :)
    xo, misha

  9. Debi
    I can tell you've been a real good girl. I love my laptop and can't imagine life without it!
    Glad you & yours had a great Christmas together too.
    Happy New Year!!

  10. Debi, you are just going to love your laptop, I know I love mine. Merry Christmas to you and yours and Blessings in the New year, Julie