Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Time is moving on whether I like it or not.  I thought I would be further along in my decorating than I am, but I just am not.  I took a ride out on the gator with a couple of the dogs to gather some pine greens and natural looking things to hang around.  Gracie and Potter (2 of the Jack Russell's) love to jump in and jump back out always on a scent and a few deep holes to leave behind. I love gallivanting around in the woods after all the leaves have fallen.  You find all kinds of pods and gumballs, nuts and things that have turned a natural organic, earthy color.  Love to add these with bay leaves and berries to make my own little bowl of potpourri. 

 I bought a Norfolk Island Pine to put in the sun room.  It is very different from the Frasier Fur from the mountains.  The Norfolk Island's boughs are feathery, more ornamental looking.  The larger tree (Frasier Fur) from the mountains is in the living room.  It's hard for me to get any good pictures for you with this little point and shoot camera.  I had asked Santa about a new camera .... and I'm really trying to be a very good girl!! (It's taking a whole lot of effort, trust me).
This little tree actually stands a little over 5 ft.  It is decorated with all these little forest critters  ~ deer, opossum, skunk, fox, etc. 

When I opened up my Christmas tubs, it was like being a kid again.  There were all these things I had purchased the day after Christmas last year from all the sales.  What possesses me to go to these sales, I have no idea.  I certainly don't need anymore decorations.  I told one of my daughters to please come get whatever she wants.  Presently, the only thing on the big tree are the little white twinkling lights and I think I like it like that.  It looks great at night, but WOW in the daytime, it looks like just a green tree in the corner.  Hubs keeps asking "When you gonna decorate that tree"?
Let's see honey bunny - I'm like, uh.... a little tired when I get home and maybe after I do the dog shuffle and fix some home cookin', I'll get around to that tree!

Oh yes sir-e, its a wonderful time of the year. 

It was 70 degrees here today, BUT the Canadian air is blowing down and temps are to drop drastically tomorrow into the 30's tomorrow night.  What a change!!

Anyone invited to any parties or are you having a party?  I need some ideas - New Year's is right around the corner.  
 Gotta scoot friends - Christmas tree is calling for attention - Later, Debi  


  1. We think alike...my big tree is still twinkling. I haven't pulled out the ornament yet. My ornaments are mostly woodland, too. I love my critters. ;) Hoping to finish it this weekend.
    Like you, yes dear, I'm getting to it. Hold your horses, Mister.
    New Year's? Haven't even thought that far. We tend to stay home that night and visit with friends on the street. Good food, good friends...my kinda party.
    Happy holidays to you!

  2. I just love the tree with only the critters and lights, but I'm really not one for a lot of ornate stuff.
    We'll meeting at my brother's for Christmas and if the roads are bad then I'll join the community Christmas dinner here. No plans for New Year's so far, but then I don't have little kids and so don't really need to plan ahead.
    Oh yeah, I also love the green pine on the porch. I think I'll go out hunting tomorrow for something like that to put in this silver bucket I have. Great idea!

  3. We are invited to a party... actually two invites but we will only be attending one and that's plenty. Should be a wonderful time!

  4. We bought a little Norfolk pine many, many years ago as our Christmas tree. It had a slight bend in it, and I think we paid $3. It's in the ground now and very tall and wide. I love the look of the tree too. I love yours with those wonderful critter ornaments. That is such a great look.

    I decorated our little 3' tree yesterday and am glad that is over. DH is glad I didn't want to do the large tree again this year, as everything is in the attic. I didn't feel like doing it this year, the little tree was just right and I am happy with it.

    Enjoy your Christmas holiday season, and try not to stress. :-) Easier said than done.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. love that norfolk island pine and the critter ornaments! tis the season, and the days are shorter and our to-do lists longer! have a great week!

  6. Love greens in the home for Christmas...your little animal ornaments are adorable in every-way.Happy mid week to you.

  7. Love the critter ornaments. We purchased our first 'live" tree and I love the smell. Bought it "locally" but it is from the mountains somewhere and my husband and I think we will also go up to Blowing Rock area next year and bring one home, fresh cut. I have yet to decorate the tree and get out my boxes.

  8. I have ornaments from the 1960s which are of course all glass, so because i have animals I've used the plastic ones for years now. But there is something about the glass that make it much better than plastic, maybe its the memory's that are behind them! Richard

  9. Sweet Lord, I have been lost in your blog for almost an hour now, nursing my coffee. I love your beautiful farm and all of the stories that go with it. Happy to be a new follower.