Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Past

It's over for me my friends.  Christmas is out the door.  I don't know what came over me, but yesterday the energy just took over and I was like something tribal packing all the red and green, jingle and jangle, bows and wrap, chocolate and nuts, mints, cakes, and cookies up and out the door.  I grabbed the turkey baster and sucked all the water out of the tree stand, hefted that tree up like some super hero and pulled that thing outside and threw it over the deck for my hunk of burning love to retrieve and do whatever he does with it.  If we were home more, I would leave it up longer, but with no one hardly here, I wanted to get on with it and clean my floors and get things back in order.  I welcome this New Year that is knocking on the door waiting to push 2011 into the past. I'm beginning to think about the Dash Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Weight Watchers, Low Carb..... OMG.  This has to be the year to make some changes for me.  Hello..... anyone else making any changes for a New You??? I'm always out the gate running at the beginning of a new year with fresh motivation and renewed energy, but something happens and I fizzle.  I must find some ways to keep my momentum going. 

Anyway, I only have a few boxes to get back downstairs and I'm pretty much done packing it away.  Last night, after all was done, I felt like I was getting the beginning of a viral thingy ... you know when you get chilled to the bone and feel a little achy.  I thought, oh dear lord, please don't let me be like this in the morning.  I had most of last week off and had to get back to work for the man today.  I went to bed early and felt like a million bucks today.  However, there are so many who have a really bad viral bug in my area, flu-like.  I didn't take the flu shot this year. Where is my Lysol can? 

Back to my thoughts on the New Year.  Dormant winter ~ a time to reflect on what worked and what didn't in my garden and what I want to change.  I know that I definitely want more big bloomers in 2012, more popping colors.  I know that I will cage and stake each tomato from the moment it is planted rather than wait until it's out of control.  I know I will plant more varieties of eggplant.  I never knew how much I would love those little purple things until this past summer.  I will plant some strange thing just for the sake of wondering what it will look like as it lifts its little arms toward the sun.  As for me, I hope to move more (as in exercise) and eat less.

Is your mind-set wiping the slate clean and starting on a new endeavor in the New Year?  I know some folks set a quit smoking date on the first day of the New Year.  It's a good time to set a goal ....  a weight loss challenge to yourself, letting your fingernails grow out, a goal of walking 30-45 minutes each day, etc.                                                                                   
Whatever it is about the New Year coming, it's a new chance to do it better, to be better, and accomplish more.  I jot my thoughts down like this in a little spiral bound notebook.  It keeps my focus on what my hopes and goals are.  So, just thinking fresh right now, trying not to get to outrageous with what I wish for myself in the coming 2012.  Wow - Twenty-Twelve, can you believe it??

My mind is full tonight and fingers are all over this new laptop.  Right now I hope all this posts like it should.  I don't think this is going to line up right for some reason.  I've got to get a mouse.  It's making me (bad word) CRAZY.  I've hit something that's taking me to the wrong place.  I'm out of here tonight  ~  Debi                                                                                  


  1. I used to think I needed a mouse also Debi but somewhere along the line I got so good with the pad that I forgot all about a mouse. How long it took I couldn't tell you, but my guess is a week or two if you use your laptop each day.

    As for those New Year things called resolutions, I think that winter is what defeats us. Regardless, I'm trying again this year with the walking of an hour a day. We shall see.

  2. I always start the year with all kinds of good intentions...This year I will try again, to eat healthy, read my bible more and put my sewing machine needle down into the material and actually make some of the creations that are in this strange brain of mine. - You sure are getting a good head start, smart you! xo

  3. Debi
    You are on a roll girl! Yes, I'm already done with 2011 and looking forward to 2012. I'm not sure why I can't start anew tomorrow, but 'no' it has to wait until Jan.1st!
    Besides my anniversary is tomorrow, so no time to start any new diet or anything else yet.
    Take care-Kimberly

  4. I don't like to make new yr. resolutions. To me each day is new, and I try to work with that. That's just me. :-) It does feel good though to be starting a new year each year.

    Since I just put up the little tree this year, there isn't much to take down, and that feels GREAT. I'll leave it up until new years day though because I really enjoy the lights and ornies.

    I've used people's laptops and I hated them because of not having the mouse. A mouse is more controllable to me. But who knows by this time next week, you'll be a whiz at using your lap top as is.

    Enjoy these last few days of 2011 and have a grand 2012.


  5. As for Christmas, we put up a 2 ft ceramic tree. That's it. The presents were bigger than it. It's been stored back in its closet space and we are holiday free.

    My New Year begins with 'hey! no hang-over.'

  6. Normally, Christmas here is packed away and gone by a day or two afterward. This year, neither of us feel in a hurry to get it done. We're planning to take things down this weekend, and pack it away in a MUCH more organized fashion from now on ... where things BELONG, not where they FIT is my mantra.

    Don't bother with a mouse. I was in your exact same mindset two years ago when I got this laptop. Whined my butt off and went to the store to get a cordless mouse ... it was a pain, because I discovered that I LOVE using the laptop in my LAP (who knew) and it's hard to mouse on the couch cushion. Stick with it and figure out the subtleties of the pad and you will be an expert in no time. For me, it was the discovery that I could click and double-click on the pad itself, and that I really only needed the left or right buttons if I wanted to click and hold or drag. Practice, practice, practice.

  7. I think today is the day I'm packing Christmas up and putting back on the shelves downstairs. I haven't used my laptop in a year or so... prefer sitting at the desk. Kinda like the Kindle, which I don't think I'll try, although so many love it.

  8. Wow, lots of people done with Christmas, 3 days after Christmas. Whatever works for you I guess. I'm milking this baby for all it's worth, tree will be up till after the 1st. Have a Happy New Year.

  9. It is the time for goal-making, isn't it! Same here-all those little things I promise myself I will do or change :)
    2012. No. I cannot believe it!!
    xo, misha

  10. This time of years makes us antsy. Well not so much me because I am pretty laid back {or lazy, however you want to look at it}! We look behind and ahead. The new year is like something we think we can control, and we want to roll right with it. I've known what my resolutions and goals would be for a long time...the same as every year: Get more active, eat right, lose weight, read more, take care of my garden better. Basically do more of everything. And I should start with my Christmas decorations but I am just loving the tree and lights and bling a little too much. More so because I am alone often and it all keeps me company! lol!

    I'm glad you like your laptop. Don't get a mouse...you will get used to it and never understand why you used a mouse in the first place. What a great gift!

    Sorry for the long comment. I feel a cold coming on and I just refuse to succumb to my bed so early!! lol!

    Take care, Debi. Have a wonderful New Year if I don't hear from you!


  11. I am not quite ready to take the Christmas tree down, If feels as If I just put it up. You will learn to love your laptop, give it time, really you do not want a mouse, you'll adjust, If I can anyone can! I'm with you on the healthy eating, I need to begin my daily walking again, and get some creative juices flowing. Stay well, Happy New Year, Julie.

  12. Definitely get a wireless mouse...at lest to begin with. A laptop is so sensitive until you get used to it. Have a happy and healthy new year...stay with that exercise program!