Thursday, October 6, 2011


This is their time of the year.  They were so happy to make their appearance and come out from behind doors, up in attics, and standing in barn rooms.  Look at those happy little faces.

This is a little set up as you enter our farm (if you can find us).  It scares the devil out of the horses. 

Have you picked out a pumpkin yet.  I have always been drawn to non-traditional looking ones, like above.  They're just so old fashioned looking all knotty and bumpy, long, oblong, speckled and so forth. 

Going adventuring this weekend ~ Talk later. Debi


  1. LOL ... poor horses ... thinking what the heck!
    Nice display!

  2. This Ozark Farm Chick has always been drawn to those 'warty' pumpkins!!! Their just unique.

    Your a hoot! "Scare the she~devil outta the horses"...cracked me up! Poor horses.

    From the happy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a blessed and beautiful weekend!!! :o)

  3. I live in a city and I really feel the need to get outta here and hit a farm and do some apple and pumpkin picking. The place looks great! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Your "friends" do look happy to be getting some fresh air. So cute but I am laughing at the horses!

  5. Love your friends, how happy and festive they appear. I love pumpkins and gourds, especially those with warts. Tomorrow I am off on a bittersweet hunt, how I enjoy this time of year! Have a wonderful weekend, Julie.

  6. How absolutely cute!! I like the fun and weird pumpkin and gourds, too!! I am finally getting some of those guys this weekend!! :-)


  7. Debi
    I love your scarecrows. So funny the horses are scared. Yes, I like the unusual pumpkins too-you have a nice assortment!

  8. I love fall decorations. I found a book with wonderful scarecrow ideas at the library... but, I've been too busy with other things to get around to it.
    Since it is snowing today, maybe I can get out my fall decorations and at least make it look fall-like indoors!

  9. Oh Yes, I can't imagine many horses that wouldn't look twice at those fellows!
    Shamefaced I admit that there is not a single decoration up at our place. I know right where the box of fall decorations is so I really should get to it!

  10. the decor. I can only imagine what the horses think! I agree...I love the knobby pumpkins best!

  11. Hi Debi! Enjoy reading your posts about the horses and your country life! I wanted to let you know I chose you as one of my Versatile Blog recipients, check it out! have a good weekend! devon :)

  12. Debi,
    Congrats on your award, found you from Devon's blog. I lived in the country outside of Charlote, NC, Concord to be exact for 10 yrs and loved it there, now living in TN outside Nashville. Also had horses till in my 30's and miss them a lot! Your farm looks amazing! I am your newest follower and would love for you to visit me!