Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No Empty Stalls

Jackson - Barn Name
   Rock this Way - Registered Name  
Rolling Stone x Pikor de Mint (Parents)
Breed: German Oldenburg

Ally officially owns this beauty now.  The deal was made.  For me, he never left.  I feel I was tricked a little bit.  So, we are back to 3 full stalls now.  I must admit, however, he is a cutie. 

GOV Inspection - This baby was registered last May in the German Warmblood inspection book.

Look at that trot!! Only a yearling.  All he will do for the next 2 years is grow and do ground work.

His Father
Rolling Stone (pictures x 2) below
Can you see the resemblance?

He has a name now ~ Jackson
We appreciate all of you who offered suggestions.  It was a big help.  Because his father's registered name is Rolling Stone, I had suggested, Jagger (Ha!), but that didn't fly with Ally (she said she once knew a bad horse named Jagger).  
We entered these photos last month of Ace in the Dover Saddlery Photo Contest.  All votes have been entered and winners will be announced soon.  There were many, many, many photos entered in different categories.  Don't think we stand a chance, but I still think he looks awfully handsome. 

Later, Debi


  1. So gorgeous and full of spirit! Never tire looking at your photos! Wishing you best of luck with the contest!
    Cathy G

  2. He is a cutie you are right on that one, just been looking at the photos you put up of him and then of his sire and yes they do resemble one another greatly, I am sure he’ll be as talented as well. Love photos you entered into the contest good luck.

  3. OMG GORGEOUS!!!!!! His father is absolutely beautiful! I am so jealous! Sometimes I pretend my Arab is a warmblood...or an Adalusian ;)

    All that groundwork will pay off and he will be a wonderful horse - love the rolling stones names too :)

    Is she doing dressage with him.

    Ekkkkk, can you tell I am so excited over this!

  4. You are right, Debi....he is adorable! And I think your picture should win...it is magnificent!!

  5. OMG! Adorable!! And I love the name Jackson for him :)
    Cannot wait to follow him through his adventures!
    Have a great day!
    xo, misha

  6. Congratulations to Ally and Jackson. And, for the record, Ace gets my vote. They are all fine specimens.

    From a dressage lover... me!

  7. I have to say that I know nothing about horses.
    But Jackson's father sure looks majestic. And I love the photo of Ace in his winter finery, too.

  8. Wow he is beautiful...his father is stunning.

  9. What beautiful creatures! And of course I love the name Jackson... I have a grandson with the same name!

  10. Truly a southern beauty if I ever saw one. Jackson fits him...a bit more dignified than Jagger, I suppose, but it was a great idea! Oldenbergs are stunning horses and he lives up to the expectation! Love, love your photos of Blowing Rock. We will try to take the visiting Grandparents there soon.

  11. What a beautiful animal. I hope he lives up to your expectations. I'm a city gal in love with country life and will admit to a tad bit of envy :-) I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  12. OHHH! Be still my heart! What a handsome fellow! His trot looks like he is floating on air!
    Has he had the "300 Dollar Brain Surgery" yet? (i.e. been gelded) or is he a breeding prospect?

  13. Just gorgeous...Jackson is a perfect name. Glad that he gets a couple of years just to grow strong...