Saturday, October 1, 2011


When will we ever get it all done?  I've waited so long for the arrival of this crisp fall air and now I feel in a panic to get the things done.  This morning the temps were in the 50's ~ that's getting sort of cool, I think.  The air conditioner was turned off and windows open to air out the house (finally).  We still have the friend's dogs, that's 7 dogs totaled, and we're ready for them to go home.  We're ready to get back on OUR schedule.  My work schedule at the clinic was horrendous this past week making me worn out at day's end. I went to bed with the chickens every evening.  

Anywhoooo,  this is the first weekend of October.  The weeds took over one of my flower beds and I really would like to get that taken care of TODAY!  I had picked out my daffodils for fall planting, but need it to get just a tad colder before sticking those in the ground.  Pansies planted today.  My little tiller died on me.  Home boys who opened up a new little fix-it shop said they could fix it, but actually killed it. I took it to a REAL dealer who was going to fix home boys job, which I should have done in the first place.  Just trying to help the local economy sometimes doesn't work ... I'm just saying, okay.  Now today, Little Reds coming home to be junked because to repair it would cost more than the tiller cost. I'm grieving terribly; I loved Little Red. 

There's all this wonderful stuff going on in the community I wish I had time to jump on board and do.  All these fall festivals and stew sales are going on.  The Farmer's Markets have all these nice fall veggies displayed that I would love to scoop up and throw together for a meal this evening.  I visted my friend Sandy's orchard this past week and gathered a bunch of her apples for a great apple cake recipe which I will just have to share with you really soon.  I've already made four mini-loaves this past week for a few friends. The horse lost a shoe, so the farrier will be coming sometime today.   It had slipped my mind about getting fall shots for the horses, so maybe the large animal vet will make a trip out this week.  

It's a huge list of things to do and an even bigger one of the wonderful things I just want to do.  I know many of you feel the same way I do.  I want to breath in this glorious season of fiery orange maples and crisp mornings and not miss one darn minute of it.  We deserve it ~ the summer was brutal.  I hope we all get to do something we truly enjoy this weekend.  See you back later with talk of my weekend.   ~ Debi 


  1. Wow! It does sound busy out there! I need to find a good farmer's market. The one down the street from us is only once a month and I really need to go more often than that. Have a great weekend.

  2. DITTO!!!.... have a great weekend -

  3. You have a lot going on, I'm worn out just reading what you're doing! :-) I hope you've been able to get some of those things done today, and the ones you didn't, I hope the time is found on another one!!

  4. I know what you mean! We have this big wish list of things we want to see and do during our first fall in VA trying to make room for new "fun" things in between all of the "duites" we have to do is a challenge!

  5. Oh my, did you really write this post at 5:57 AM?
    I couldn't possibly gather any intellegent thoughts that early.
    You are really busy, for sure. I hope you get to have a fun weekend doing something you enjoy!!

  6. Where did September go? My chore list is beginning to dwindle down, however, there are two major tasks left to complete: paint the north side of the house and get this years firewood stacked! With weather such as this... rain and more rain tomorrow, neither is getting accomplished. Seven dogs, wow! Have a great Sunday, hugs from Maine-Julie.

  7. Our leaves around here are just starting to turn and I agree with you about just wanting to take it all in...only problem is now there are all of the Fall things to get done around the yard. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!