Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Madness

How did I get from an overwhelmingly huge abundance of zucchini to a yard full of leaves in such a short period of time!  Fall is just so crammed full of stuff that has to be done.  The hurrier I get to Git R Done, the behinder I fall (great english, isn't it).  I had barn and dog duty this weekend, and everything else was a hit or miss.  The pastures did get mowed and the horses finally got put back on them on Sunday. 

My goal is to get things from my "to do" list to my "done" list.  I had unexpected company all day Sunday afternoon.  I'm still looking for the things I shoved in all kinds of places. 

The wood arrived and hubby did a good job getting it stacked.

I didn't know when or how I was going to get the hay done.  I called the school agriculture class and found a really great young fella in the FFA to
help me get that put up.  We found a snake already hibernating under the bales we moved. 

There's still so much to get done to winterize the barn.  The horses blankets just came back from being cleaned.  That should have been done months ago.  The fans must come down and be dusted and stashed away for next year.  Hopefully, we'll get to re-do the stalls with new mats before it gets cold.  The yearling has done terrible things to his stall.  He must have bad dreams or something.
Very Upset!
I like to bring Potter to the barn.  Sometimes, he's nice, but mostly, he is just a crazy Jack Russell when he comes up there.  He takes the broom away and tears it up, pulls the hay out of the hay bales, runs off with the muck buckets ... just crazy!  So.... I have to put him in jail (really I just shut him up in one of the stalls until I finish). 

I'm sure all you horse folks know about maple tree leaf toxicity.  The leaves in their wilted state contain a toxic compound that can be fatal to your healthy horses.  We had 3 horses die in our area from maple leaf  (acer rubrum) ingestion a couple of years ago.  My pastures are surrounded by all kinds of trees, and many Red Maple.  We are always checking the pastures to see what has blown in to avoid contamination.

My new stones.  I bought several of these when I was in Blowing Rock recently.  I have right many different animal stones from different crafters around the state.  Really love the look of these out here in the woods.

How about you ~ are you getting it done?  Do you feel a little squirrely, running here and there knowing the holidays are just around the corner?  Feel a little pinched for time lately and not checking things off the list. 

"Life is what happens while you are making other plans " ~ John Lennon

Breath in ~ Breath out
                                        Later, Debi


  1. Debi
    Time is something I have a lot of and still can't seem to get very much on my 'to do' list done either. Oh, I wish you hadn't mentioned the holidays. Now panic is going to set in!!

  2. I so love seeing stacked wood, knowing how cozy someone will be when the weather gets cold and nasty...such a comfort. - Potter, what a rascal! xo

  3. I've been staring at a pile of horse blankets that need to go to the laundromat all summer long! And now it's crunch time!... We have one a few towns over that actually has a horse blanket laundering service, and even re-waterproofs if you need it.

  4. I love reading about and seeing pictures of your life. I don't have to worry about getting things done before winter settles in, but we do try to get things done during our cooler months so that we can hibernate during the summer.

    I love that stepping stone.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  5. We didn't make it to Blowing Rock, but went to Hanging Rock State Park instead. Hope to get to BR maybe this weekend... what store did you buy those stones? I love them... Your yard looks lovely btw! :)

  6. I thought I had a lot to do!! You make me tired just reading all of this!! But it is all interesting to say the least, I love horses. I just don't have a clue on how to take care of them or a farm! Your pup sounds as crazy as mine!! Love your stone...what a great idea for a collection!


  7. NO!! I didn't know about the maples... so much new stuff to learn up here in VA!

    I just had to smile about your JRT. Now that Mr. Biggs is 15 1/2 he's a long way from his "terrierist" years of being naughty. Aren't they just the funnest little dogs though?

  8. Debi, I too am still working on my "to do" list. The days just seem to fly by. I find this to be the "nesting time" of year, my favorite time of year. I did however, hear the weatherman say possible "snow flurries" tomorrow! I am not quite prepared for that. Greetings from Maine, Julie.

  9. I just knew there was a lot to do when you have horses. I hope you're not getting the snow like we are forecasted for this early (yikes)! I did not know that about the maple tree leaves (some of our got that this year) but I suppose it may be toxic to other animals too, very scary. ~Lili

  10. I like you am seriously behind in the getting ready for winter thing. Like you I have a to do list and I will get it done when I can find that darn list again:)
    I did not know about horses and the maple leaves that is scary.Like the hedgehog stones. B

  11. Oh my! Did not know that about maple leaves. We have a hickory tree in the backyard and our pup keeps eating the hickory nuts and getting sick. Just not sure how we can keep a puppy from eating everything that looks interesting to her. Sometimes it's hard keeping animals safe.

  12. Love that Jack Russell.
    How's that Jackson?
    Wish we had some trees to stack our wood between.