Monday, October 3, 2011

Girlfriend Bags

A lot of territory was covered this weekend.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, bordering on downright chilly.  I traveled to a couple of greenhouses including a wholesale greenhouse that was just knock-out incredible with all the color of mums, pansies, ornamental cabbages, etc.  The amazing thing in the greenhouse were the thousands of poinsettias that will be shipped out about the 2nd or 3rd week of November to outlying retail stores.  When they begin to bloom, I'll go back and get some pictures for you.  You just cannot imaging standing in the middle of thousands of poinsettias of red, pink, and white. 

The closest Pier I is closing because they are relocating around the corner.  So, they are clearancing out EVERYTHING.  I have been 4 x's.  Items are now 40-60% off.  When they reopen in their new place the end of this month, they open with holiday stuff (forget fall).

My goal after the yard work this weekend was putting together my girlfriend bags.  There are 6 of us.  Just like blog-land, we're there supportively as friends to talk trash, some good/some bad.  Because I just thank the world for these forever friends, I made them fall goodie bags. 

First going in the bag was a little mini-loaf of my homemade Raw Apple Cake.  I made 8 of these this weekend.  This is my go-to cake to make in the fall.  The house smells like you would like to take a bite out of it with the aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg mixed with all the apples and nuts baking in the oven.  These are wrapped individually in wax paper and then put in clear cellophane bags.  The recipe is written out on a cute card and attached with my
farm card, and tied with a piece of bailing rope.  It's just the right size of cake for a friend who might share a little with her husband.

These are some other items I have put in the girlfriend bag.  Little bags of candy corn treats, fragrance sachets of Pumpkin & Citrus Spice (yummy smelling), and just the cutest ceramic owl tea light holder, along with spooky light flashing Halloween necklace for fun.  Creative crinkle paper strips in orange and yellow are throw around in and on top of the bag to give it a little festive finish and a tiny magnetic clothespin clip with a little spider, pumpkin or "boo" statement is attached to the handle. 

This is one of the little bags all filled up and tied with a little ribbon on top.  I know they will love it and I have enjoyed so much putting this together for them. They are a special group. We keep each other sane with good laughs, serious talks, sometimes tears, but always walk away knowing someones got your back if you need them.  I hope all of you have friends like that.  We need them in our lives to help feed our souls and give us encouragement ~ a shoulder when we need support, an ear to just listen, arms just for a hug.  Hallmark should have a "Love your Friend Day" shouldn't they?  Why not, there's a day for everything else!  
                            Have a good week everybody ~ Debi


  1. What a delightful time you've had shopping and putting together these wonderful 'girlfriend' bags. I bet your house did smell great baking those cakes.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Pier 1 40-60% off??? OMG!! Would have died and gone to heaven for the opportunity. What all did you buy you naughty girl?

  3. How nice.

    If the Pier 1 by me had that going on, I'd be more than broke!

  4. A very dangerous place to be: A Pier One close out sale. LOL And it has been a bit chilly here in NC, but I am certainly enjoying it. Nothing a warm fleece and gloves doesn't cure. And the horses are a bit peppy too! :)

  5. Love everything that's going into those bags. How fun!

  6. You must have gotten some great stuff for the holidays with the Pier One sale. Such a deal!

    Those bags make me want to be your girlfriend too. Oh well.... I'm sure they'll love them.

  7. What a wonderful thing to do for your friends! I think I'll send some surprise gifts to a few of the dear friends that I've left in Louisiana. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. What wonderful festive gifts, would you like another girlfriend? you know you can never have to many! LOL.Blessings, Julie.

  9. Those bags are fun! Good thing Pier 1 is not too close. I'd be broke!

  10. Oh, how great! I feel like I'm one of your best girlfriends. I can just smell that cinnamon and taste that apple cake (not to mention... hear everything you're dishing about). Love "Love Your Friend Day".

  11. I totally agree about the 'girlfriend's' day! It would be fun to have a special day. But... I guess we can make any day a special day for those special friends!

  12. Can I be your girlfriend? :)
    What a lovely token, girlfriends are special people!
    Your place must be alive with color these days. I must also get your recipe for that cake, you've been a life saver for me this past summer with all your recipes. I'm still on the hunt for tomatoes. :) It's our Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada a tad too early for me...
    Have a great time with your friends.
    Hugs Rosemary...xx