Saturday, May 28, 2011


Rare Bird Alert
For those who remember, this is OUR Steve Martin from Saturday Night Live, movie "Father of the Bride", etc,etc.  If you like Blue Grass, hands down - get this CD.  He plays the banjo with his band, the Steep Canyon Rangers, and it's fantastic.   His concert was just in our area and I totally missed it.  It was a sale out.  I had this on the outdoor speakers today while I was sweating and working away in the garden and it just kept me moving.  You will love it.  Google it and listen to some of his songs (maybe Amazon).


  1. I will have to check this out...We love Steve Martin. Too bad you missed his concert.

    Hope the blogger is working better for you now.


  2. Debi: Thanks for coming to my blog and entering in my giveaway! I've spent some time looking through yours and I'm so envious of your beautiful farm. I'm following you now, have a great day!