Sunday, May 8, 2011

My daughter, Ally, with Bunny ~ 7 Gates Farm.  

Ally and Ace; poor horse doesn't have to work THAT hard for that jump.  He's still learning.

Ace in training.  Early mornings are a great time to get a workout in.

This is our barn.  I love it in there.  We have a couple of rooms in there - a tack room, feed/supply room and a wash stall.  I love the hay and horse smells.

Back to pasture

My pastures were finally mowed this week.  It was getting so high, the Jack Russells were getting lost in the middle ~ joking, Jack Russells never get lost.

The result... happy horses!  Wouldn't you just love to be in that hammock.

The barn across the pond. 

OK, I helped Meg work the store on Mother's Day, but we had a good time because she helped me with my blog.


  1. Your horses are beautiful!

    I was looking at your Jack Russell's on your sidebar. Potter looks so much like my Milo, who is a Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix. They could be brothers!!

    I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!


  2. Back at you, Jane. Mom's Day was good. Jack Russells are crazy, arent' they - at least mine are. Potter has a terrible rock fettish and puts holes in all my garden hoses when it storms. Have a great week. Debi

  3. You have a beautiful farm. And those horses are gorgeous. I would loooove to be in that hammock. I see you're new to this blogging business. I am, too. I currently live in Chapel Hill, NC. I'm glad to follow another NC resident, especially one with a farm! I love farms and just blogged about that actually. I'm following you now and adding your link to my sidebar. xx T