Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vietri & Vintage

This weekend, I tanked up with our cheaper gas prices ($3.33/gallon/regular)and headed out to some places on the bucket list.  I've seen the billboard on the interstate to the Vietri Outlet FOREVER, so this past Saturday was the day to go.  The outlet is small, but the warehouse is where you want to get into.  That is open during the BIG sales.  The next sale is in  May, 2012, I think maybe that first weekend. (I just missed the fall sale).  The sales used to be outrageous with lines of people just out the wazoo, people grabbing and trading, etc.  The deal in the outlet without the sale is 50% off the regular retail price, which is pretty decent.  For the BIG sale, the price goes 55-80% off.  So.... that's why it's absolutely crazy during that time. 

Vietri is an importer of Italian dinnerware, glassware, and home accessories.  It is extremely colorful and there are some very unique patterns in their design.  There is an "Insider's Club" for those interested.  I just signed up for the email. 

From what the sales gal told me,  the sales are much easier now with tents outside and a little more organized and ... it lasts for 3 days and the hours are longer. 

For those of you who live in N.C., Southern Seasons in Chapel Hill, has a couple of BIG sales during the year and the sale prices of the Vietri during those times are very good. 

The red Christmas patterns were so pretty. 

I am literally a dish nut.  I love baking and cookware of all kinds, platters, servers, utensils, and just kitchen stuff.  I was really having to hold myself back during my adventure there (the prices helped me take a step back - it wasn't cheap little friends).

Antique Shop ~ Vintage Revival

This little shop was in Hillsborough, NC, a really very pretty and sweet little town not far from Durham, NC.  I had seen this little place all lit up one night when traveling through there, so I jotted down the name to remember to get back to it some time.  Just all kinds of things in there for those who love "vintage".

I thought the gals had this set up really cute.  I know my "vintage-loving" daughter would love this set-up.  I do like the iron bed.  I've always had a love for those.

This would not work for me and my home, but I know friends who would probably get a big kick out of this display.  See the light blue hair dryer to the right - that was turned into a lamp.  How snazzy!

Do you have favorite dishes, any Vietri collectors out there ~ ?


  1. This looks like a lot of fun! I love looking at dishes and would probably have stars in my eyes at Vietri's! I love the ron bed at the vintage shop...very pretty. Sounds like it was a good day!!


  2. I've never heard of the dishes before, but they are lovely.
    I love the vintage too. But I'm limited to what would look right in my place, too.
    It sure sounds like a fun shopping day!

  3. Does fancy paper plates count? :) I have Wedgwood China I rarely use as I am afraid it will break... isn't that silly. I will force myself this holiday season. The vintage shop is right up my alley! I will have to put it on my list as it isn't that far from me.

  4. Gas prices are down here too--$3.39, and you've given me the perfect excuse to go and look for good deals and great dishes like the ones you found!

  5. I am jealous! I haven't been to the big Vietri sale yet either but at least you got yourself to the outlet. That is definitely on my list of to do's. Last night at Southern Seasons I saw that they have a beautiful display showing off their Christmas and holiday dishes. I LOVE their things.

  6. Fabulous Debi,
    Another wonderful shopping trip. I love the bedroom too it's gorgeous! The party was lots of fun 9 boys & 7 girls extremely loud, kids were everywhere and so was I. :) I totally had my witch on....
    Hugs Rosemary...xx
    P.S. Oh Debi the things you overhear when the teens don't think your nearby!

  7. Oh this is a great post I love vintage stores. The blue hairdryer is amazing. I remember as a kid I watched as the older ladies in the shops looked like they were wearing funny hats I never knew what they were. B

  8. I love Vietri, but don't have any pieces---YET! I've been perusing your latest posts and I must say your barn is AMAZING!!! Really, it is my dream! I'm thinking I may ask for my very own horse for my upcoming birthday!

  9. I'm not familiar with Vietri. I used to live near an Annie Glass store and loved going in to see what was new. That dryer is very cute.

  10. I LOVE that Iron Bed!!! Of course I also have a passion for those dishes! Lucky you to be in the area of the OUTLET!!!
    Have a great week!

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