Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pig- Pickin Time

 I cannot tell you how excited I am to be going to our friend's home this evening for a Pig-Pickin' party.  She has a beautiful home and barn with I don't know how many horses she has now.  My daughter is already there and said to bring her some more shoes as her heel came off her boot already.  Wonder how that happened!!  Anyway, the sky is still blue and the leaves still have a lot of color, so it should be a really good night for a bonfire, good food, and good friends.  If she will allow me to take some pictures, I will.  As soon as I do our evening feed, I'll put a little gravel in my travel and head on out for adventure. 
                                                                       Later ~ Debi


  1. What the heck is a pig-pickin party? I always knew my life was missing something. Is this it?

  2. (I'm also wondering what a pig picking party is?)

    I'd love to see photos. Have a great time!

  3. I am assuming that a pig pickin party is A) A pig roast where you pick the pieces you will eat. B) A new game by Parker Bros. C} Picking the pig you will be dining on this winter.

    Let us know. We hope it's the game!


  4. Have fun! Supposed to be COLD here tonite... take a warm coat just in case and hope we get to see a few photos soon.

    Bet the pig is to die for yummy.

  5. It's a cold night here, but a perfect one for a bonfire--I hope you've had an enjoyable and fun evening!!!

  6. Well you have us all stumped! I want to know what a pig-pickin'party is too. I bet it's yummy!

  7. Gosh, I'm getting hungry thinking about your pig-pickin' party. I bet you all had a great time.


  8. We used to have a few different friends who would host pig-pickin's. That and oyster roasts (even though I don't eat oysters) were fabulous fun.
    Enjoy. Can't wait to see pictures.