Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jump for the Children

This past weekend, Duke Hospital held a fundraiser for the children's hospital, called Jump for the Children. Included in this was the Grand Prix horse event held in Raleigh, NC which has a $30,000 grand prix prize.   If you are a horsey person, you definitely want to get to this each year, especially if you like stadium jumping.  It is a sight to behold.   Show jumping fences are very colorful and elaborate and artistic in design making this event that much more exciting. These photos are from google images.  I didn't use a camera during the event as you don't want a flash to go off and distract any of the riders or horses.  Spectators should have manners at this event also. 
A Grand Prix is the highest level of show jumping.  Jumpers require boldness, accuracy, scope, power and control AND speed.  A horse at this level has to jump big, bravely and fast, but has to be careful to avoid any knockdowns and penalties.  The objective of a jumper class is to jump cleanly over a set of courses within a certain time. A rider and horse get faults if they exceed the time allowance.  They also can get faults if they knock down any poles and/or refuse to take the jump.  The height and width of the jumps is challenging.  


There must be well-planned turns and lines and the rider must adjust the horse's stride for each jump and distance.  It does become a little more involved, so I'll just say it can be nail-biting, especially if you know any of the riders.  Our large animal vet rides in the Grand Prix and we, naturally, always want him to do well.  Our business always contributes to the silent auction, so we get to duck in for a little cheese and wine.  It's always fun to see old horsey friends we haven't seen in a while.  Fabulous event. 

Now back in the real world, we are up to almost our knees in leaves!!  There's no point in blowing them away yet as there are plenty left on the trees to fall.  I have to continuously get them off our deck because of the dogs (you know what they're doing ... I don't need to explain that)~!

We had to rearrange the order of the horses in their stalls this week. Ace was beside Jackson.  The pecking order has started I guess.  Ace was being a little aggressive at Jackson kicking the stall and showing his teeth and rearing up.  Jackson was picking up on the behavior and began doing a little of the same back.  So, we nipped that really quick.  Sail is now in the middle stall and Jackson and Ace are on either end.  Ha!!  Sail the babysitter.

Ally works with Jackson during the week doing all kinds of things mainly just trying to teach manners and space.  I will say he is definitely growing.  His rump is all out proportion and high (that will balance out) - I think he is going to be about the size of Ace, about 16 hands, maybe a little bigger.

Get out of my space, you rascal!!

(There were different words screamed, I just can't write them here). 

Other than all of that, I'm up to my neck in recipes figuring out if I'll do the same old stuff for Thanksgiving this year or step out of the box and throw something different out on the table.  I do know that Costco is looking better and better as my Thanksgiving assistant. 
I'm so pooped that I just have to close this up for now.  We have a slow rain outside tonight and the sound of it on the tin roof will hopefully keep me snoozing like a baby all night long. 
                                                  Nighty-Night Friends ~ Debi


  1. I thought I had more leaves than anyone in the world, but that is A LOT of leaves!

    I'm going to begin my Thanksgiving shopping soon. I think it'll be the tried and true traditional meal here for us. :) Good luck on your recipe quest!

    Goodnight, sleep well.

  2. Debi
    I always find your horse talk so interesting. The only time I've ever been on a horse was when
    I was 10 and we were vacation in Colorado. The horses were trained to follow this mountain trail I don't know how many times a day. I feel bad just thinking about the life those horses had.
    It's great to see the love you give to yours and
    the home they have were they can run and get exercise.
    I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    PS I love the sound of the rain on a tin roof too!

  3. I can imagine the excitment at an event like that and the real beauty of it all especially for a good cause. - Costco has saved me many times! xo

  4. I've never had the courage to be a Jumper.

    I'm trying to change up my menu this holiday season too.. although the family counts on the "usual"

  5. rain rain go away! Brrrr. It's chilling me to my bones the past two days and the house smells like wet dogs!

  6. I've never seen high level show jumping in person... just on tv and that is great so I can imagine that I'd be on the edge of my seat watching it "for real"
    I'm not cooking this year! Though I love to cook, we'll be visiting relatives so I'll just get to eat and wash dishes!