Thursday, July 21, 2011


A Southern ClassicThe Tomato Sandwich


Oh yes, it's Tomatopalooza time!!  The vines are heavy with the best of our favorites - Beefsteak, Early Girl, Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Heidi, Green Zebra, Mr. Stripey - the list goes on forever.  Here in the south, the building of the tomato sandwich really begins with just a few strict rules:   
                                              1.  White Bread
                                              2.  White Mayo
                                              3.  White Salt
                                              4.  Black Pepper
                                              5.  Red Tomatoes
                                                   (Preferably warmed from the sun)

Some folks try to make the tomato sammich really fancy such as a:
Mozzarella & tomato sandwich
Fried green tomato sandwich
Cheese & tomato sandwich
Grilled cheese and tomato sandwich and some really go all out with a Caramelized onion and lettuce tomato sandwich. 
Triple decker bacon, egg and cheese tomato sandwich. 

I personally like the tried and true BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato).

There's a story that a true southern tomato sandwich is made somewhere around dinner time (dinner being around 12:00 noon and supper around 5:00 p.m.).  Anyhow, you make the sandwich with all the white stuff above, lay it on a plate.  You don't eat right away.  You leave it - go away from it.  Then you come back every so often and pat it.  Somewhere between dinner and supper, you get to eat it after it has been patted several times.  Just full face stuffingness is what this sandwich is all about. 
You can throw in some of those different colored tomatoes for a little WOW and flavor.

How do you describe the taste of this summer pleasure to somewho who has never had the gift of a tomato on white bread? My other question is - Is all about the mayo? 

Any way you slice it, enjoy it - summer is fleeting.  It won't be here for long.  The fruits of our labor will be in feezer bags and canning jars. 

Enjoy your tomatoes - Don't forget your napkin!   Debi ~
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  1. Hubby is a tomato guy and would love this sandwich! Anything with a tomato on it trips his trigger.


  2. Fresh tomatoes are one of my very favorite parts of summer!!I'm going to Kentucky on Friday and my brother has some tomatoes for me from his garden, and I cannot wait!!!

  3. Everyone here in the north is still waiting for that first ripe tomato off the vine! Goodness you have my mouth watering! The BLT has to be the most delish "samich" ever made!
    For sure on the napkin part too!
    Cathy G

  4. You are klilling me here. I haven't had a decent tomato since we left Indiana. Arizona tomatoes are dry and have no flavor. I miss white bread tomato sammiches.

  5. Oh my gosh am I so jealous! That looks DELICIOUS and our 'mater plants aren't really producing too well this year :(

  6. My favorite summer sandwich-so quick and easy. So...tasty! I'm afraid I don't have any fresh ones yet either. I'm really lucky if I get any at all with my short growing season. Boo, hoo!

  7. oooh YUM. I do the fancy stuff, but the simple kind are delicious too.

  8. Oh, so good. I love BLTs! In fact I had one today on a toasted sub roll.

    About your offer on my blog: Under no circumstances am I sending my boys to NC. With your cute horse loving girls there, they would never come home! Seriously, that is very nice. Do they have a good vet school?

  9. Pat your sandwich??..several times...made me laugh out loud!! looks yum..

  10. Ah the tomato sandwich, we have them very often normally with cheeses they are very yummy but I do have to confess I easily grow bored of them, I am not so much a tomato person, but did you know they can make you more resistant to sunburn, so that might explain why I have never got sunburnt.

  11. We went to the farmers market this morning and bought a big, ripe tomato and made a tomato sandwich for lunch. Except I used whole grain bread. So tasty!

  12. Love a good simple tomato sandwich. Thanks for the gentle reminder that I need to go and make me a sandwich. Awesome.

    Have a great weekend.

  13. After reading this delightful post I am hoping for vine rippened tomatoes in the morning. Thank you for sharing, sending greetings from Maine, Julie.

  14. My hubby used to love tomato sandwiches. I was never a tomato person, until I finally got brave enough to taste fresh tomatoes - mmmm, yum!
    Oh, and the mayo? Must be Dukes, or if that's not available, Hellman's (or Best) will do in a pinch!

  15. What a great recipe and story! YUMMY! This would be the perfect recipe for ON THE MENU MONDAY! Please join in and link this post with OTMM!

  16. We've been eating
    a lot of BLT's
    lately. I get
    the bacon that you
    can finish off in
    the microwave, so
    the kitchen stays
    nice and cool. One
    of the tastes of
    summer, in my book!
    xx Suzanne

  17. I love to eat light, and all the different sandwich ideas you've shared Debi I'll try. I know what's on my grocery list this week.
    Lots of hugs, Rosemary... Yum!

  18. Oh this makes me so hungry I sit here and watch my tomatoes starting to ripen but not quite ready. My mouth is watering looking at your versions. B

  19. Nothing in the world is as good as a warm tomato sandwich with a glass of chocolate milk! Our tomatoes aren't ready yet. Soon, I hope. Nancy

  20. Your few strict rules are perfect. The simpler the better. I do believe this will be lunch.

  21. I am soOOoo excited to know you!
    Thanks for finding me on my blog today. I can see we have a lot in common.
    A farmgirl at heart, I grew up on a 300 acre farm in SW Pennsylvania with lots of horses, cows, and dogs.
    Love a good old tomato sandwich!
    Your newest follower,