Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I realize I post right much horse stuff, but everything here seems to revolve around them.  So just bear with me on this post.  I have to write about it because it's still so much with us.  I wasn't sure what to write, but it's clear to me now because I see her.  I see my Ally at the barn.  It's dusky and she's sitting in the barn swing with her dog.  She won't answer her phone and I know what she's thinking because its on my mind too.   It has been 1 year this weekend that we lost our pony, Splash. This will be his story.

Splash came to a schooling barn as a prospect for young riders.  He was "given" to the barn because he was a rescue.  He was taken from the home he lived because he had been abused.  He was now in a new environment.  He had not been handled or ridden in a while.  He was a challenge.  He didn't trust riders.  He had lost his confidence.  It eventually didn't work out for him to be a schooling pony, but a bond developed between Splash and Ally.  Ally is strong and she is confident.  She gave him his name "Splash" because of the lightening splash of white on his rump.  He came to live with us.  Splash then became like Ally - he became strong and confident.  He was loved.  They were a team.  She wanted him to be a hunter so bad, but he was very twitchy and couldn't stand still when he needed to be still.  He was not a fancy horse. He was what he was and would never be anything bigger or better.  But, the pony could JUMP, and he was fast.  He might have even been a rodeo horse at some point ~ we never knew his history.  So, Splash became a jumper.  He won ribbons.  He won blue ribbons.  He took better ribbons than very expensive horses got.  Everyone loved Splash.
They took good care of each other.

He taught her so many things.

Ally never liked this picture because of her form, but I loved it.  I just loved the colors.  I loved to see him "fly" over the jumps.  I think he loved to go fast

She loved her Pony. 
Even when she was sick, she took care of her pony.  All the kids at the barn loved Splash.  He always got a lot of hugs, he got treats, and he loved all the attention.

Splash loved to go to horse shows.  He would just jibber-jabber talk when getting on the trailer and talked to all the horses when he arrived at the show.  He would always stand still when he had his mane and tail braided.  Splash was an easy-keeper. 

To end this story, Splash took a road trip to the vet school in Raleigh that muggy July night.  Our vet had already been out to our farm that evening and did what she could.  Ally grew up that night. She asked really important questions to the surgeons.  We all struggled with the decision - we cried, we hugged, we crumbled into the wee hours of the morning. Splash was in such terrible pain.  He had a tumor that had probably been there for quite some time, but finally decided to show its ugly self.  We said our good-bys.  Splash was cremated and sent back to us in a beautiful small wooden box. The surgeon had cut his mane and some of his tail which were made into a lovely bracelet by "PonyLocks".   The two weeks following his demise were probably the hardest we had ever gone through.  His stall has been empty all this time until the yearling came a couple weeks ago.  I guess we were ready. 


  1. Oh Debi - I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. How wonderful that Splash was a rescue that came to know love and found a soul mate in Ally. I can only imagine how terribly awful it must have been to go through that but how special to have had a bond with a horse like that - now that is a once in a lifetime experience!

  2. Such heartbreak when we lose something so precious. But what wonderful memories!

  3. What a beautiful, but bittersweet story of Splash. What a wonderful pony Splash was.. and he shall remain forever in your hearts. -Tammy

  4. What a touching story and nice memory of Splash.
    This is my first visit to your blog and I'm glad I got to hear about Splash.

  5. Well I have tears...It hurts so much when we have to say good by to our precious furry children. Thank you for sharing your love story of Splash.

  6. What a beautiful and touching story to read this morning...I also thank-you for sharing Splash with us!

  7. Oh my goodness. What a heart breaking story of a well-loved member of your family. He is romping the fields of forever awaiting the day he will be with his family once again. Telling his story in word and pictures keeps him alive in your hearts.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  8. I've lost a few too... so very hard. But what a great life you gave him :-)

  9. Broke my heart reading your post. I too have lost the kind of love only a furry friend can create. And as a Mom, had to tell my children the news. No greater pain! My prayers are with you and your family. What a wonderful tribute to Splash.

  10. What a beautiful tribute to Splash. Such a sad sweet story.

  11. I just found your blog and Im so terribly sorry about Splash...its the hardest thing ever to lose a family member and thats what they are!
    I love your blog and I will be back often!!!!!

  12. (sniff, sniff) I do hope Ally will bond with the yearling like she did with Splash. Now that we have had our horses for a year, I can't imagine losing them. They each are so special in their own way.

  13. What a touching story! It pulled at my heartstrings.

  14. Thank you so much for choosing to share Splash with us. Heartbreaking but also wonderful in the way that he was a rescue and you and your family took Splash in changing his life for the better.

  15. Such a sad story, I love animals and wouldn’t be without them but it is truly heartbreaking when they leave us, it sounds like Splash was a dear member of your family, he was a beautiful pony, I am very sorry for your and your family’s lose.

  16. utterly heartbreaking but what a fabulous tribute to someone who was part of your family even for a while!

  17. Beautiful story.
    Beautiful Splash.
    Beautiful Ally.
    Beautiful you, for
    opening your heart
    and telling their
    story. Your story.
    Loved this.
    xx Suzanne

  18. How blessed he was to have passed your way and become Ally's trusty mount and friend. They make an impressive team over those jumps. It's so, so sad when to see them go even though they, in many ways, they stay with us forever.