Saturday, July 30, 2011

Daughter #2 & Adventure

Love, love, love the open highway and new experiences.  Helen Keller said "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing". 

I love adventure.  I have been blessed with daughters who love trying new and exciting things with uncertain outcomes.  Everyone has seen my Ally and her horse world - that is adverturesome, but really more brave.  Meghan, however, puts herself out there a little more, really steps out of the box, so to speak.  She travels abroad, she camps, she plays detective and investigates. She works in corporate American and stresses terribly, but she Plays Hard too.  One day, I'll let you meet her fur-children. I'm really going out on a limb and show you something. I know it's her secret and she isn't ready to share to her friends, but I'm just going to throw it out there. (This is what Moms' do ~ I'm so excited ... she might kill me for this).

This is her new project.  I think it's about a 1970's  Shasta.  It has already been gutted and she's turning it into her traveling shop.  Work is still being done on it and it has yet to be painted its new color to give it the style she wants.  She gets the business head from her Dad and her creativity from her Mom.  I can't tell you her little business name yet, but it is so cute (OMG!) 

Meg and I went to the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain, Georgia this past fall.  That was a crazy adventure.  We didn't need the truck to bring anything home, but we got a lot of great ideas. 

Click to show "Coupons" result 15

Her latest "obsession" has become coupon clipping.  OMG~!  Talk about craaazy!! Has anyone seen the show "Extreme Couponing".  I've only seen a little and WOW.  Some of these gals came here locally to hometown, USA to do a seminar. Meg went. She already had the system figured out and was really saving, even to the point where stores owed her.  But now ... the beast has been unleashed in her.  Let's see .. Pier I printed some type of coupon.  She said she spent NO money and received $110 FREE merchandise.  Don't ask me any questions. I'm just saying ... I told her I am too busy to do this .. she said I was making "excuses". 

Sweet Meg is a really neat young gal.  She is so full of ideas.  You can follow her at
I love her creativity and her energy.  You will enjoy her too, I think. 
~ Debi


  1. Your Meg does indeed sound adventerous! She sure is fool of energy to tackle all her projects. I hope you post her finished trailer.
    I would love to see the finished projuct!

  2. Wow what a great project I would love something like that to do. Your daughters sound like mine always something new. No fear. I am glad you get to watch and enjoy this. Daughters are fun. B

  3. Awesome project!!! one of my dreams! Love how these girls are really living life. Way to go....

  4. Your Daughter Meg sounds like a very creativity person, it would be interesting to see her project when it was done, I am sure it’ll look very nice.

  5. The 'retro thing' is really in, and these little trailers are considered one of those things that 'are in.' I saw one a couple of months ago that had been restored, and it was really, really cute!

    I have watched the couponing shows and also attended a little seminar. It takes a lot of thinking and when I shop for groceries at the end of a work day, my brain just won't think! How's that for an excuse? :-))

  6. Spoken like a proud mom, and you should be.

  7. Love this post! The traveling shop sounds like something I would just love to visit sometime. Also, your tomato sandwiches down below look delicious! This is the time, and I'm taking advantage of it. It's tomatoes with everything at my house right now..... thanks for dropping by!

  8. I love the camper! We've been thinking and looking just a little! Would love to have something to travel with and stay in! Great post! ♥

  9. Gosh, Mama, too
    bad you aren't a
    tiny bit proud!!
    As well you should
    be....She looks and
    sounds like a doll
    and a very fun and
    feisty one, at that!
    I went to a great
    flea market last
    weekend where there
    were a bunch of these
    darling trailers and
    the owners let us take
    a cool!
    Wish I could wrap MY
    brain around the couponing.
    Yes, sadly, I guess I'm
    making excuses, too!
    xx Suzanne

  10. I'm taking in the sweet scent of success already! I love the idea of her mobile office (something, I have had in my dreams forever). Love the glowing gloats about your entrepreneur child and horse-lover (of which I am one, too).