Sunday, February 19, 2012

Is That Snow??



                                                                   Yesterday was glorious. 
The sun was shining beautifully.  I worked all day moving compost to all the flower beds.  The horses were out in the pasture, all the dogs were on a hunt for something.  I even wore a short-sleeved T-shirt to work in. 

Today, however, things changed dramatically.  It started off very windy.  Don't ask me why we still have the umbrella up.  Never mind that now. 

The temperatures dropped incredibly fast and low and the forecast calls for "a little" precipitation of a "weathery mix". 
As the afternoon went on, the winds blew harder, the rains came that turned into sleet, and then a gentle snow began to fall.  I believe this might be all we 
      get here - at least that's all I hope we get. 

Please don't stick. 

What a contrast of days.  
                                        What's your weather?  ~ Debi


  1. Our snow has been falling since noon. It should stop in another hour or two per the weather man. It's gorgeous!

  2. Its still snowing here. Yesterday I was doing yard work!!!

  3. Our winter seems to be up and down. Like your's, T shirts one day and winter coats the next.
    My paddock is almost snow free. I figure as soon as it clears and dries up enough to clean it... we'll get more snow!

  4. Cool and sunny:-). We live in a snow-free zone.

  5. We have had sunny cold weather all week, Deb. Sort of like spring until you walk outside! Who knows what is going on with the weather. your pictures are pretty though! Think of the compost as getting watered in!


  6. Debi ~ It was very warm around 84, humid and windy. We were supposed to get rain, but so far haven't, and I don't think we will either. It is 'supposed' to be around 59 tonight. We've had the a.c. on all day, but will turn it off before bed.

    I worked outside, sweating, this morning. It felt good and I could feel spring, even though we don't have much to show in the way of changing seasons.

    Hope you don't get any more snow and that you have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  7. This is your last snow. You see, I be knowing these things because I am tired of winter and have decided spring is here. Anyway, here in SE Oklahoma it was sun since sunrise at somewhere around 7am with temps in the 60's. Seriously, I don't think it is going to get cold again but now we can welcome in those fierce thunderstorms. I'm so ready.

  8. We had a high of 79 today and a quick shower but it's very windy. It's been gorgeous here the past week. Makes me wonder what kind of summer we're going to have!

  9. We had some snow Friday night and Saturday. Today the sun melted away the new stuff but the foot of old snow is still sticking.
    Normal for a Nova Scotia winter :)

  10. I'm still sulking over not getting any snow. And when I was out a little while ago with the dogs, I hardly needed a jacket, and I could see the stars...The feel of spring is in the air, that's for sure!

  11. 65 here on the boat in Texas, cold and snow on the way to my wife in PA.
    Better get another umbrella.

  12. I miss snow so much. It's been a little chilly here in Phoenix but we are expecting some warm days ahead.

  13. I'm not as northerly as you. We got rain and cold winds. But, now Wednesday...

    So THAT'S an umbrella? I thought it was a ragtag, make-shift lean-to protecting something of value.

  14. Oh I hate it when I get my hopes up that nicer weather
    is here and then it turns cold again. We have a couple
    of inches of snow here. But it's been in the teens!
    At least you were able to have one nice day working

  15. Oh no....I am with snow please. It has been very Springlike here...but someone told me it is going to snow on the weekend...hope not. Hugs to you.