Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Old man winter finally hit our area.  The wind is blowing so hard out tonight that it sounds like it's going to blow the roof off.  I keep getting up to check the barn and the trees out in the pasture.  I have one tree that is leaning and that bothers me badly on nights like this.  I shunt the barn up good, but left the upper swing door on their stalls open.  They have their blankets on, but their water buckets were already freezing when I went up and tucked them in for the night and gave more hay.   It will be SOOOOO cold tomorrow morning when I go feed; not looking forward to that.  My dogs have to be pushed out the door only to quickly do their business and run back in.  One of my daughters is in the mountains with snow up there tonight. I tried a new soup tonight, a corn chowder, which turned out fantastic for this cold night.  I saw it today on FoodTV.  The "Pioneer Woman" was on there making this soup.  Have any of you ever watched her?  I think something just blew off my deck.  I'm going to have to go investigate.  Anyway, it's VERY cold.   I love my flannels - get a life Victoria's Secret!       Later - Debi


  1. Hi Debi,we really had our stable roof blown off a while ago! I love Pioneer Woman but have never seen her shows on tv. I don't know if we have those channels on our satelite tv... I agree Victoria's Secret is for ninnies..ha ha

  2. Good gosh almighty... it's VERY cold here and wind gusts are around 50-60mph tonite. I'm sleeping with socks, t-shirt and sweat shirt and sweat pants on tonite... brrrrrr. Don't envy you having to go out in the cold in the morning... Bundle up tight!

  3. Oh yes!!! Blowing up a gale here in the Shenandoah valley.
    The wind has literally been screaming through the cracks in the little rental house all day. We're worried that the temporary film on the roof of the new house may be two counties away!

  4. Here, too, Debi!~ We're here in the Missouri Bootheel, just right across from you...have not really even had WINTER here (still have petunia plants (no flowers!) up next to the house...but I just ran outside barefoot (as usual) and it was COLD! Ready for spring now, though!
    Just found your lovely blog...(your newest follower) ~ hop on over to mine when you get a minute!
    Anne ♥

  5. Here in Oklahoma too. Didn't get above a 6 degree wind chill yesterday. We have been going out to check for lambs in the middle of night. Sure wish Spring would come back. Hope you don't have damage from that wind!

  6. I hope you made it through the night without damage. I know that wind! Generally we have it out here, but we were actually quite still yesterday! Good thing, since it was our coldest day, yet! We were around 20, which is a whole lot better than those negative numbers we've had in past years!
    Laughing at your Victoria's Secret comment! (Her secret is that she prefers flannels, too!)

  7. I won't complain too much about our 'cold' weather down here in s.e. FL. You all would laugh and think it comfortable weather, but we are NOT used to it. It's windy here too and that makes it feel colder. I'm staying indoors today.

    I do hope you didn't have any damages with the wind last night.

    When it's cold, I might wear a big long T shirt. I hate socks, we layer on the quilts. Of course, if we lived where it is 'really' cold I'd have to change my sleeping habits.

    Hope your Sunday is lovely in spite of the winter weather.


  8. and another here in Oklahoma...
    I'm sitting next to the window as I type and in spite of the heater being on way too high, I can feel the cold through the double panes. I actually thought we were going to get out free this winter, but nope. Stay warm.

  9. It's been crazy windy here too. Makes the furnace in the greenhouse go none stop....uggh
    Hope no damage comes at your house.


  10. There have been times here too that I wondered if we were going to get blown away. Thankfully this evening the winds have died down and we're just stuck with the cold. I hope you've had a good day!! By the way, I've been in my flannels almost all day--And I'm okay with that!! :-)

  11. Yesterday it was windy here too in my neck of the woods, tonight the temperature has dipped below zero. A corn chowder would hit the spot quite nicely. I will have to drag Winslow Homer out one last time to do his business this evening, he is not a fan of cold weather. Thank you so much for the nice comment regarding my late kitty Emma Lou, blogging friends are the best. Blessings, Julie.