Sunday, February 5, 2012


What a very dreary day.  It has gotten cold again and it's just wet and icky outside.  The horses have been out already kicking up their heels and tearing up the pasture.  Gosh, what will it look like come spring time.  I'm staying in today keeping the home fires burning - Really - I have the fire going in the woodstove and it's just about as cozy as can be in here.  I just fixed myself some Green Dragon tea.  Yesterday was like today, but I had errands to run but spent HOURS in my favorite store, Southern Seasons, over in Chapel Hill.  I'm telling you, I'm their biggest fan.  Yes, it's awkward handing someone your camera and asking them to take evidence pictures for you, but I'm guilty.  Actually, it turned into quite an ordeal.  I have pictures I just cannot post because they were so stupid-looking and I began having way too much fun in there. 

Since I spend quite a bit of time in the cheese department, here is me and my cheese guy.  I'm telling you, they fix me up with pairings of wine and cheeses all year long for farm get togethers.  Absolutely love their advice (and the samples they allow me to taste ..ummmh/yummy).  Love these guys. 

This pottery below is made by Siglinda Scarpa, a pottery maker who has settled in North Carolina and runs Goathouse Gallery. This is a design for Valentines.   It's pricy - no kidding, but it's gorgeous.  This whole tablescape was stunning done in white, black and red and silver tableware.  Google her - she's a good gal and very interesting. 

Let's see - maybe dinner for 12???

Moving on ---- I always check out the olive oil sections.  Since I usually buy the olive oil at Weaver Street or Whole Foods, it's always fun to step out and check out the new young oils.  Get to taste that too.  This guy is always so helpful and you can tell he knows his stuff.

OMG - This little couple has their own dipping sauce they have come up with that they were showcasing yesterday.  It is called "Zing Sauce".   I was a little hesitant - but they showed  me how to dress it up and what to mix it with and,  Oh Mama!  I making some tuna dipping stuff tonight for what?   - Just the biggest football game EVER!

I headed on down a little later to another little shop I just have to peep into every now and then.  This is called Branching Out - a very appropriate name.  Love, love, love it.  Very unique specialty store in Chapel Hill.  How convenient for me - just right up from Southern Season's. 

It's lit up like this all the time.  I just walk in and say "WOW" to me little self and just touch, stare, want, need, inspiration station, etc.  You get it. 

She has this whole little doggie section going on.  I just like looking at it too. 

Lots of antiques and lovely books.  It's all displayed just right making you want it.  I'm hoping she's watching out for some old silverware for me.  I'm looking for some engraved pieces.

I really like her needlework pet cushions. 

My last picture here is just one of her displays for Valentines Day.  She has many more "love day" displays all over the store.  Lots of red and those little twinkling lights to showcase it all.  Just makes you want to go home and bring out a little red. 

Hope all of you had a great weekend and the beginning of your week will get off to a great start.   ~ Debi


  1. Wow, what fun going on the shopping tour with you, my wish list would be HUGE if I lived there! - Have a fun food/game day. xo

  2. Hmmm... I can't decide what I liked the best!
    Thanks for being bold and giving out the camera... and sharing with us!
    I do have to admit, I've just begun to step 'out of the box' and walk up to total strangers to get a picture for my blog! I think that they think I'm nuts!

  3. What a PERFECT day out...except for the cold! Here's hoping some warmer weather heads your way soon - and good for you for handing off the camera, Brave Girl! I need to take a lesson...Happy Monday - Tanya

  4. What a fun day! I love days like this. Those heart pillows are soooo darling. Happy week to you.

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  5. Fun pictures Debi!! That's one thing that's missing here in rural VA.... the shopping is a little lackluster! Sounds like I'll need to take a roadtrip to NC!
    It's getting to be a bit muddy here too but still no snow!!

  6. Love these pics, such fun stuff.. and really love the pottery!....

  7. Oh, my, Debi! I would LOVE "Branching Out" ~ what fun!