Monday, September 5, 2011

No Excitement Here!

Labor Day weekend is almost over.  I hope everyone has a lot more exciting news to tell than me. There was not a trip out of town, there were no friends who came over, and there was hardly any big excitement here.  I can barely contain myself to tell you that the only thing I did worthwhile was to take the garden down which took some time.  I even emptied all my flower pots of annuals and some herbs just because I'm so tired of dragging the hose around to them.  I finished slicing and dicing all the peppers and put them in the freezer.   We haven't made room for the last 100 bales of hay to come and here it is my last day off from a long weekend.  That was at the top of my list of "things to do" and somehow it's now at the bottom

I did go to our store and worked with my daughter a little.  Carolina was having a big tailgating party in the mall parking lot.  I must remember to wear my Duke shirt from now on when I go over there.  There was just way too much of that (wrong) blue color going on for me, so I had to divert my attention elsewhere.  I visited my retailer friend at the camera shop and told him I had all these blogging buddies with terrific cameras and I am feeling kind like the low man on the totem pole with my little point and shoot.  So, he showed me some things and educated me a little about cameras.  I'm not breaking loose yet - just checking things out.

This big horse head right here is the only kind of excitement that happened ~ I'm just saying, it could have been really bad.  Because of my little point and shoot, I could not get close enough to the real picture I wanted to take.  I went outside to try to get the picture, but decided I needed to get in much closer, so I went into the pasture with them.  You know these babies can be trouble, but I guess I just wasn't thinking.  I got trapped behind a tree to save myself from him.  I know he was playing, but I couldn't shoo him away.  He wanted to chase me.  I'm not the fastest runner in town with an old injury, so I had to yell for Ally to come help me out.  That big head above is him coming around the tree after me.  Ally thinks the name "Weston" isn't working and wants to change it.   He has a registered name, but he needs a new barn name.  Any ideas?

For those of you who don't have a clue what this is - it's horse tack.  This is the second stack.  One has already been done.  Ally and her friend were given the whole barn tack to clean from a friend's farm this weekend.  Nothing else gets done around here, only horse stuff. 

Oh yes, one more thing.  The hammock above (and below) is made in American - (Hatteras Hammock; purchased at N.C. Hammock Company -,,  I think you can see the tag stating "USA" on it.  I've been working very hard to buy local, help the small businesses, and purchase from American companies.  It is a challenge, but it's a feel-good thing when it works.  

                                See ya, Debi


  1. Well, you've had more excitement than I. I cleaned the coop and hauled rabbit dirt. Weston likes to chase. Name him, Tag. ;)

  2. Hanging in the hammock seems a great way to spend some of the weekend :-)

  3. It's so refreshing to see something made in the USA. What better to do on a weekend than to hang out in your hammock. It's what life is all about. Although, the horse chasing you behind the tree is cute.

  4. Being in a hammock feels right for a holiday.

    The name that came to me for the big head is, Handsome. He just strikes me that way, and I think he needs to hear it. Maybe he's been down in the dumps and Weston is too pretentious for him. What do I know though? I just looked into his eyes, looked at his face and Handsome is what came to mind. Bless his heart.

    Bless yours too as you had to hide behind a tree.

    I love my Canon PowerShot A650.

    Love and hugs to you ~FlowerLady

  5. Your weekend sounds perfect to me and a good way to 'officially' end summer!

    I'm also looking for a new camera--Right now I use a Canon Power Shot SX20IS, that I love, but the newer version has me tempted!! :-)

  6. I need to get me one of those hammocks. A great way to relax the day away I would say.

  7. We had a nice quiet weekend here too. I also emptied out all my flower pots and did some yard work. I think you should name that horse "Chaser" or "Chase". Glad to see you're buying "made in the USA". So hard to find these days!

  8. Hanging out on the weekend, especially a holiday weekend, is the perfect thing to do!

    Did you know that almost all of the photos on my blog are shot with a point-and-shoot camera? The only ones aren't are the macro flower photos and my sunsets/sunrise photos. Everything else is done spur-of-the-moment by pulling my trusty Canon SD1300 out of my purse or my pocket. I love that little camera! (It's blue ... just like my laptop.)

  9. Well, I love my Canon T2i, but I can't ride with it. I am buying myself a Canon PowerShot Elph 300HS. It may not have the power of the bigger one, but it does have a zoom and the quality of the shots... AWESOME.

    Hammock's are the best. I just can never use mine as it is either occupied by the dogs or the kids.... :)

  10. That hammock looks very comfy - it looks like a great way to spend some time resting and thinking! Weston sure is a handsome boy!

  11. Funny chap chasing you around the tree you should be careful he looks like he could boll someone over quite easily, you could call him Sammy also my two brothers said some names, one thinks Zachariah, and the other thinks Crinkles, but I am sure you’ll get a good name for him. That is quite a lot of tack looks like they are going to have their hands full.

  12. I highly recommend the Canon G12 as for that horse of your's I'd call him TROUBLE! Sending greetings from Maine, Julie.

  13. I would not want to have to put that tack back together, one of my least favorite jobs :-)

    I've been working on the made in the USA purchase power too. Good for you. We have one of those hammocks.

    The horse name.. hmmm... does his registered name lend itself to anything? He looks like a horse I once had named Rodney.

  14. I could use a new throat latch... brown. Is there an extra one in that pile of tack?!!
    I love Hatteras hammocks - we always had one when we lived in SC. I also try to buy American made... it is tough.

  15. You are so funny. I can always count on Seven Gates to uplift me. I would have to agree with "Holly" that Chase is the perfect name for that little stinker -- and you know I love that name. Another suggestion would be America -- or Meric (maybe America would be better for a filly).

  16. So he cornered you? Shame on his playfulness... LOL We pretty much had rain all week-end. Not raining today, but it's awfully darned soggy out there.

    Nice hammock and good for you for buying American made!

  17. Whew that is a mountain of tack!!

    How about Scout? I had a friend with a little gelding by that name and it was perfect... but Chase is pretty awesome too!

    Do you own the hammock company? If so I'll be asking for advice next year.... on my list of Must-Haves is a hammock for the upper porch of our new house.