Friday, September 23, 2011

Cooking School

 I'm going to step out of my comfort zone and try something new for my little self.  In keeping with the fall excitment I'm feeling, I signed myself up for a cooking class at Southern Seasons in Chapel Hill.  They present a class schedule each month and I'm scheduled for an October class.  It's an interactive class where I will get to work with the cooking school staff preparing a fabulous menu. 

MENU:  Chives Biscuits with three onion spread, pork brochettes with bourbon sauce, sweet potato puree and wilted greens, and pecan bars.

This class will use North Carolina products/ingredients, so it should be interesting, I think.  I've never done anything like this but have always wanted to.  It begins in the evening and lasts for a couple of hours.  This class is small, about 12 of us.  Have any of you joined a cooking class before?  Maybe you can give me some hints how it works. I was thinking with the holidays around the corner I would get some good ideas for meals.  I get to wear an apron; how sweet might that be!
As a note of caution and make you more aware about where you're stepping, I stepped into a hole of yellow jackets this past week trying to save a kitten.  I was not able to get the kitten, but the ASPC was contacted.  I could hear the baby meowing so loudly when I stepped out into the darkness at my office about 6:30 this week.  My maternal instinct set in and I started my search in the dark.  When I FINALLY found it, it scooted up the tree. I came back down the hill backwards out of the woods and back into my car when I suddenly saw yellow jackets coming out from my scrubs pant legs.  I was panicked to say the least and immediately getting stung everywhere - my arms, hands, and all up my legs.  I got into our building and ran to the restroom and stripped of everything, bees flying.  By lunch time, I had to break down and go to the pharmacy for some 25 mg Benedryl and a big tube of Afterbite.  Got home early afternoon, more Benedryl (and yes, I was knocked out).  I'm good now, but I cannot tell you what I looked like then.  I am not allergic to bee stings ~ this was just sting reaction and it was horrible.  So, beware of where you step; they're out there.


  1. Ouch! Glad you are okay but that was awful! At least you got a kitty rescued. Pretty high price though. LOL

  2. Oh my gosh Debi ~ I feel so sorry for what you are going through with all those stings. I do hope you feel better SOON.

    That cooking class sounds wonderful. Have fun.


  3. I had a half dozen take up residence in a bird feeder that I hadn't filled in some time. I pulled the lid off and here they come. Fortunately, I think they were too young, and I never got stung. Good luck with cooking school. I take hints from the shows on TV and my stuff turns out tasting like, ummmm...crap. ;)

  4. Ouch, lucky you didn't have a more serious reaction. Your cooking class sounds great. I did that a few years ago. Each month we watched the chef prepare a full meal, give us all the tips, tricks and recipes and then we all ate it. It was great.

  5. Oh gosh, how scary that must have been. How freaky to see them coming out of your pants! I'm glad to hear you're alright. Have fun cooking.

  6. OMG, how horrible-I feel for you! I'm so glad your OK. And to think you were doing a good deed too!
    The cooking class sure sounds fun. That menu sounds so...good and very southern. My daughter in-law is from the Carolinas and she has to bring sweet potato casserole every carry-in or I don't let her in the door! Mean, aren't I?
    Take care of yourself-Kimberly

  7. How horrid, yikes, those yellow jackets are very aggressive right now around here too..I'm glad you are alright. - I haven't taken a class but I've watched plenty on TV and have friends that have taken them. All the reports I got were very positive and even if they didn't know how to cook, they had a wonderful time. You will have a great time! xo

  8. ugh thats the scariest thing ever!!!!!
    I have always wanted to take a cooking class. maybe someday!!! Enjoy!!!

  9. I had only one sting me in the middle of my back and it was horrible. I can't imagine having multiple stings. I'm glad you're doing better!

    The cooking class sounds like so much fun! I hope you come out of there with a yummy recipe to share!

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