Thursday, September 15, 2011

From the 90's to the 60's

Here we go with this unpredictable weather.   It has been very warm this week in the mid 90's.  Tonight the temperatures are dropping about 30 degrees and the high tomorrow will be about 60.  Crazy.  I remembered to turn the air conditioner off in my car so the blast of cold air wouldn't send a rush of goosebumps all over me.   Fall is preparing to float in I guess.  It's raining outside now.

My Mister got in from Chicago last night about 8.  There was a casual outdoor living show there.  I know you will think he's crazy but - he drove - yes, he did.  My man will not fly and he was even in the air force, but will never fly again.  He says he has no control over matters in the air, but on the ground he has a little control.   Approaching Chicago, he called me and I could hear the anxiety building up about the traffic.  Without me putting in print any language he might have said, let's just say he made it and is now back home. 

Right after work today, I headed west for a larger neighboring city.  I wanted to visit Pier I and check out their fall stuff, sniff some candles, and just hang out in there.   I didn't want to be around dogs and horses and my house for a little while this evening.   I feel empty-nesting approaching and I'm not sure what I want to do with myself.  I've been thinking about that a little bit (just a little). Anyway, I spent a good deal of time in Pier I.  The little sales girl gave me my space and let me do my thing in there.  I came home with some fall smelling things, a pumpkin of sorts, and a few baskets. 

I've pretty much decided I'm not going to have my farm party this year.  I've had one every year for several years now.  Last year was incredible. A huge amount of friends came.  We had a cookout with a blue grass band.  It really was a good time.  We woke up the next morning and someone had stolen one of our cars.  Yea, that was a really good party.  We did get the car back days later in great condition, nothing taken out of it.  It drove me crazy for a long time.  I had a guest list and just couldn't imagine any of the invites taking it.  We had a detective stay on it for a while, but felt it was probably someone taking a joy ride from the back woods. The tax payers dollars should go toward catching some real thugs and murderers, etc, so we dropped it.  Anyway, for some reason my heart's just not into having the party this year.  I might have a smaller dinner or something.  The summer heat just zapped a lot of my energy and it takes a lot of work to do a big invite on the farm.  So I'm scratching that.

We're ordering our firewood tomorrow.  We have a woodstove that we use quite a bit on our middle floor.  We don't have to, but it just feels so good on cold evenings.  The flooring on the middle floor is brick which heats up from the fire in the woodstove.  The dogs all lay around there sleeping on their beds warm from the fire.  We might need a fire this weekend. 

It's been a long hard week.  Tomorrow is Fabulous Friday and I'm so ready.  Hope your Friday will be good to you.   Debi


  1. My husband says he won't fly again either and he used to jump out of planes all of the time in the Special Forces. He doesn't like that 'not being in control of things' too.
    - Our weather changed in the last two days also and I even had thoughts of turning on the heat..but not quite yet. - Your woodstove sounds so inviting.

  2. I can only imagine how much work goes into a large party like you had last year. I don't blame you for wanting to do something smaller.
    Your home sounds so cozy with it's brick floors and the dogs lying about. Do you have a braided rug for those dogs? They always seem to be lazing about on braided rugs in the paintings, don't they?
    Have a great weekend!

  3. How much pleasant it must be to have a wood stove and brick floors.
    My guess is one of the kids in the neighborhood took the car for a joy ride is all. That always seems to happen at big parties. A dinner sounds nice.

  4. How long until the empty nest comes about?
    I can't imagine having a car come up missing!! Talk about putting a damper on what was probably a wonderful party!
    We love to drive too. It's funny how some people think we're talking about going to the moon and it doesn't seem like anything to us when we make the LA to VA trip.

  5. Sounds like a nice break in the weather. I love the feeling of fall, especially when you have really good smelling pumpkin candles. Have a great weekened!

  6. So really what you've done here is capture what the seasonal transitions do to us... heighten our senses! The scent of pumpkin, the cozy warmth of a woodstove,a look at your middle floor, and I'm almost at one of your farm parties, too. Nice!

  7. About the empty nest--it was a little difficult for me, but once I got over the "newness" of it and got my feet under me again I find it's not too bad! I love it when my girl comes home for a visit, but by the time she's heading back, I'm ready to get back into my own routine. Also, I can understand your feelings about the party. I open up my home for a holiday show every year. It can be a bit nerve wreaking. Enjoyed reading about your seasonal changes, we're having a bit of that here in East TN too!
    Have a great weekkend!

  8. Your weather sounds so nice Debi. We're waiting for even small hints of fall to come this far south. Hopefully soon!

    Becoming an 'empty nester' is just one more adventure in this life we live. I'm sure you'll do fine and visits home will be GREAT! It sounds like you had a nice time in Pier 1.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  9. Empty nest is only a dream here for the foreseeable future. Daughter #3, the only one still here at home, got married in June ... but her husband is in Afghanistan until 2013, so she stays here till then. Fortunately, she's the easiest-keeper out of the three of them.

    What is it about giving up parties this year? Every fall, I host a big garden party ... and I'm probably not doing it this year. It feels like 'something ELSE I HAVE to do', instead of a wonderful event to plan. We hosted the wedding, so I think that's what took the air out of my hostessing urges.

    I'm wearing a sweatshirt ... THAT certainly wouldn't have been the case two days ago. Bring on the cooler weather!

  10. Yeah Debi, looks like we're in for some cooler weather. I reckon the animals will like it but, I can do without it. ;)

    Air Force, too. I'm not opposed to flying, it just doesn't appeal to me anymore.

  11. I have learned driving out of Chicago to wait and grab a bite to eat and let the traffic die down. And then the roads will be wide open and no swear words will be needed. No one knows how to do a traffic jam like Chicago!)

    The cure for "empty nest" was getting two horses ... well, I still have four kids to go... but two are "gone". Glad I didn't wait to get the horses ;)

    The weather IS crazy. T-shirt and sweat yesterday and breaking out my jacket this morning. Ha! Gotta love NC.

  12. Our weather has been about the same as yours. Last night, I thought I might have to turn on some heat.

    Glad your hubby made it home safe and sound; and I can totally agree with him - I like my feet planted firmly on the ground. haha!

    Someone took your car at your party?! Jeez, that is terrible. It's good that you got it back, but I can't blame you about having another big party.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Hi Debi,
    I sure enjoyed your post! The Pier 1 sounded soooooo good! We have one about an hour south of us and I don't get there too often.
    I think you will transition very nicely into empty nesting. Having all the critters to care for sounds like a full time job! Time seems to go so quickly for everyone these days...... even my 80 year old mother says she is way too busy! LOL!
    Enjoy that nice fall like weather...... we had frost here the last two nights and I covered some things as I know we will still get a few nice days yet!
    ( about the party...... darn..... I was thinking of coming..... LOL!!)
    Cathy G

  14. I understand about the party thing our Thanksgiving is coming in Oct (Canada) I usually have a huge family thing I am not into it this year but may do it I just can't get into the preparation.
    I was thinking of lighting our wood stove the other night it was so cold. I sit here with fleece socks on and a heavy sweater right now. The weather sure changed quick. B

  15. I know what you mean baout the weather...we were in shorts a a couple weeks it's time for boots and flannels.