Saturday, April 23, 2011

These are beautiful salvia.  The contrast of this purple against the dark green of my woods really explodes!!**

Don't you just love this laminitis green pasture.  Actually, I am quite anal about pasture management.  If you look closely, you can see a white spot back there. That's our gray thoroughbred laying down.

This was such a drop dead photo, I had to post it.  Actually, I fixed something up just like that for a farm party of mine this spring.  It was really pretty. 

Just to warn you, this is only 1 of 5 dogs.  This is Nellie, hopefully sniffing out the squirrels!

Really beautiful view of our campfire area at the farm.  Thank goodness the pond is off to a good start.  It was dry in December, but looking much better.  Thank goodness for the rain!


  1. We also plant salvia in our small garden. I agree, it must be stunning next to your green woods.
    Oh my, your pasture is amazing! What is your lovely gray thoroughbred's name? Must be very comfortable.
    Love the photo, bet when you did something like it for your farm party it was a great conversation piece.
    I am smiling as I see Nellie looking very intent on whatever she is sniffing out.
    And lastly, the adirondack chairs are probably the most comfortable and perfect for campfires, we have some for our bonfires out back.

  2. You have beautiful pictures or beautiful things. Your detail dealing with your property does pay off as you have a wonderful property. It is great to meet critter people on the blog.

  3. Wow, what a lovely bit of paradise you have. NC is one of my favorite places.