Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kenny Chesney Says it Right

It's a Smile, It's a Kiss, It's a Sip of Wine, It's Summertime  - Sweet Summertime

Flippin Hot

Well, we have suffered through some record setting days of 100 degree weather this season.   I think it could be a sign of what the new "normal" might be.  Last year was brutal as well and in '08, we had a drought.  My pond has nearly dried up each season for the past several years.  The blue heron doesn't even get her knees wet when she walks across it now. 

The garden is worn down from extended days of high temps just like me.  My tomatoes started off like a bang, full and healthy, big things, along with all the peppers, but produced so poorly in the heat.  I've heard talk of farmers modifying or tweaking their planting schedule pushing tomatoes up a little and peppers back.  That might work, but you know Mother Nature - she's very unpredictable.  Just when you think you have it figured out, you get screwed again. 

With the above said, I've started taking down what is beyond help.  I've already pulled tomato stakes up along with the old rugged brown tomato plants.  I will make several big bouquets of my beautiful zinnas and then mow them down. I'm ready to move on.  It's been a huge battle between me and the squirrel this year and I wave my flag - I surrender!       

My herbs are just about the only thing that have withstood the heat.  Rosemary, from The Summer Porch,  gave me ideas for making herbed vinegars which turned out nicely.  I had never thought of doing something like that.  I will probably continue working with the herbs, weeding, watering, etc. I think I'll be able to do a little more pesto.  I love tying up bundles of rosemary and lavender and hanging them in my bathroom.  It's a very nice somewhat-organic fresh aroma smell that just floods the room.  

Soon the price of hay will go up another buck or two, so I'd like to get on over to Mr. Agriculture's farm and pick up 100 or so more bales.  The yellow jackets got in my hay this year.  That was insane.  You don't know they're in the bale until you go to lift one and out they come!  Now that would have made a video!!

An interesting piece of news for us North Carolinians this fall is  ---- ta~da


In this Thursday, April 14, 2011, shown is a brown marmorated stink bug at a Penn State research station in Biglerville, Pa. The relatively new pest originally from Asia is threatening to wreak havoc on mid-Atlantic orchards. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)  He only smells horrible when you squash him.  The information is that there will be a lot of them this year.  They will be arriving in the fall and will probably try to get inside of our homes - Wonderful, can't wait!

Hope all of you have a great weekend.  Bring back something exciting!  See ya, Debi


  1. I waved my white flag about two weeks ago. Summer wins. I just can't compete. I am, however, looking forward to some good stink bug stories on your blog though.

  2. Good morning Debi ~ I've not done anything outside in a week except to hang up laundry. My energy has flagged, I have no inspiration, so it's break time. I have plenty I could be doing, but I just don't feel like it. We've been getting thunderstorms just about every day with LOTS of rain and the rain has been great and will cause it to be a jungle around here. I look forward to cooler weather.

    I don't envy you your invasion of the stink bugs or the higher prices with your hay.

    I've not made herbal vinegars in a very long time. I loved tarragon vinegar, and purple basil.

    Thanks for the link to Rosemary's blog.


  3. Oh no! I've been dealing with the same more north of you :( + tears. I'm trying so hard to keep the garden going. I thought I was alone. Mother Nature, please, with all due respect, I'm not ready to bow out!

  4. Oh, and that stinkin' stink bug, I've seen a few -- they did a number on my beautiful Okra plants. My brother not far from you puts them in baggies -- I heard they bite! Ouch.

  5. Oh goodness, I have those stupid stink bugs all over my dang squash and it sounds like your garden is in the same state as mine. I am ready to pull out and plant for fall.

    YIKES! I have never had a yellow jacket nest in my hay - ekkk! I, luckily, got back in touch with an old school teacher of mine who I get my hay from and he cuts me a deal...thank goodness otherwise the cost of hay is OUT-RAGEOUS!

    That weather forecast and squirrel picture is HILLARIOUS! Have a good weekend~!

  6. It's been a bit dry here too, but not nearly as bad as what you have been experiencing. Squirrels can be such a menace and I have lost track of the people that have had bee and wasp stings this year. Stink bugs just make a person crazy... scientists need to find a way for us to control the things. We have a newer home, tight around windows and doors and yet they STILL find their way inside. It's sad.

  7. We always have those stink bugs!!! Nasty nasty smell when they fall into one of our light fixtures and burn .. Ugh!

  8. Sending you hugs
    and cool breezes
    from the Pacific NW,
    home of my parents
    and where I've been
    on extended holiday...
    They have had the
    opposite....late start
    to summer and the tomatoes
    and other stuff that
    we usually feast on has
    yet to arrive. But the
    weather ~ the weather ~
    ahhh....low 80's, dry
    and sunny....cold nights ~
    we're talking 50's. Sorry,
    but I had to share! I'll
    be going back to our own
    hot town next week. Not
    sure I'm ready!!
    xx Suzanne

  9. Yellow jackets.... ughhhhhh! I really don't like them at all! I can't even count the number of times I got stung as a child by these critters. Hope your battle against the stinkbugs is more successful than the squirrel battle. Perhaps you should recruit the little guy to battle the stink bugs for you!

  10. Where did my last comment go?

    I just wanted to come back and say I am just crazy for your masthead. I wish I could have horses on our property. Your images are just glorious!

  11. you had me at kenny chesney :)