Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Dog Shuffle

Baby Steps - Right foot, left foot, a little sideways, forward, shuffle, shuffle. 

I don't think I've walked "normal" for about 10 years.  There is always a dog or maybe several dogs always gathered around my legs and feet.  It doesn't matter which room I go to, inside or out - they always come to Mama.  I would like to just put one foot in front of the other and move forward casually at a correct pace and meet my destination without ... shuffle.... shuffle...slide this way, dodge that way.                                                            
Whenever I sit at the computer, they are right here under my feet.  They jump up on me and put their little paws on my knee.  So, I put two of them on chairs right beside of me and guess what - they like it.  Now they are my blogging buddies, my associates in whatever it is I'm doing at this desk.  It has become a habit.  They come in here acting like they're tired, creatures of habit, and jump up on their chairs to be my constant companion in whatever it is I do. 

Potter, Jack Russell #1, and I have a very special history.  He is my nature child, my problem boy, the thorn in my side. On a cold January evening about 10 years ago, Potter and I went out for a walk.  I had him on a retractable leash.  He got a little whiff of something and pulled the leash as far as he could take it down a hill and I came with it.  I got to rockin' and rollin' on acorns and gumballs and broke the tibula and fibula in my right leg.  No cell phone with me, it's dark, and here we sit together in the cold wondering when someone would come looking for us. Fast forward ... I have 13 screws around my ankle and a rod down my knee.  It was not easy and it humbled me.  But, that little dog continues to stay right by me, is with me everywhere, yaps for me to come on to bed, and waits for me to get up.  That's the good sweet Potter.   
 Psycho Potter:
  1. Eats and chews my garden hoses turning them into sprinklers. Especially during a thunderstorm, this brave little dog runs wildly as he loudly yaps profanity to the heavens while dragging my 100 foot hose through the pasture.  
  2. Has a rock fettish and takes the rock to my plants and tears the flower beds up.
  3. Takes off with the horse muck buckets and jolly balls.
  4. Shreds the baled hay
  5. Takes my garden shovel and hoe's to outlying areas.
  6. Any bucket of any type, metal or plastic is bent or plastic shredded.


Where is Cesar Millan when you need him?  Does your animal have any quirks that need adjusting or is it smooth sailing? 


  1. I love this post!! Of course, I love any and everything about JRT's and yours are darling. As is the brown pup too ;) Potter is quite a little beastie boy, but a lovable sweet one at that (well.. except for that wild ride he took you on. Wow!). Banjo (our JRT girl) and Chloe (Corgi/heeler) freak completely out during storms. Yes, where is that Cesar dude when you need him?? :) -Tammy

  2. I understand your dog shuffle completely! Your JRT sounds completely adorable and a faithful companion! Being through all you have together there's a bond there indeed!
    Great post and I don't think you need Cesar! Sounds like he just wants to help with the gardening!
    Thanks for the smiles!
    Cathy G

  3. I was just talking to my husband about this same thing this morning. How I don't remember the last time I walked through the house without a dog on my heels. I can't go to the bathroom alone and if I happen to close the bathroom door, she whines like I've abandoned her for weeks. She was also a garden hose chewer but grew out of that after puppyhood. I didn't think she'd survive her first year, my husband wanted to kill her on a daily basis. She's a great dog now, other than eating those tootsie rolls out of the litter box.

  4. Oh I so miss the animal shuffle. I lost my dog 2 years ago and have never replaced her. Cool dogs. B

  5. Oh, for the love of JRs! And the dog shuffle! If you could just set up another Adirondack next to yours, we could swap stories for hours -- you, with Potter on your lap; me... If I may, I'd like to borrow Gracie for mine, since my JR is wreaking havoc in that place where all dogs go.

  6. Laughing at the 'dog shuffle' - I've never had small dogs, but even with big guys I've done a shuffle. It's funny how one's feet kinda know where and how to move!
    Hmm...quirks of my dog? He only comes when he decides it is time to come, even though he knows good and well what that word means. I think that's his most frustrating quirk - a fun thing is how much he loves ice cubes. The minute we go to the fridge and begin to get ice, it's like a dinner bell rang - he is there, waiting for his ice treat. Hmmmm - loves ice...won't come. Maybe we can do something here!

  7. I might have mentioned that Milo is a Rat Terrier...cousin of the Jack Russell. He and Potter and Jasper look so much alike. And although Milo only weighs 28 pounds, he is all muscle. I can see how you got pulled down that hill. Ouch!!

    I do the shuffle all the time, too, but worse, the little guys do it more!!


  8. Maybe Psycho Potter thinks he's helping you!

    Cute story! Dogs are so faithful to their owners! Glad somebody found you after your mishap and you're OK!

  9. It's a good thing you love Potter so much! We have a Queensland Heeler and she is so independent...she requires very little...she mainly tolerates us being in her world. Her main quirk is when my husband and I are in different places...she likes to keep both of her "cows" together...

  10. We have a little Jack Russell, she is quite mad and in her old age has gone blind, so I am often having to do the dog shuffle, we also have a Grey Hound now he is an odd one for a dog that has been breed to run he is so very lazy. Your dogs all look very sweet even if they do cause a bit of havoc. Since I got into horses I have realized just how much trouble dogs can be, but I do love them, all your dogs look very well loved, and look to love you back very much.

  11. LOL... I think I love Potter. My dogs sit around me too.. Ben, all 185 lbs of him, literally sits on any lap that's available.

  12. Oh my, yes, my Sam is going to undo me some day. I cannot tell you how many screen doors he has eaten his way through. Thank goodness I know how to re-screen them! HAH. He makes me crazy....but I love him so!

  13. why does this post make me laugh so hard when I know this is so true. oh I can not stop laughing at this because I can see you now doing the doggie shuffle

  14. This cracks me up! The dog shuffle! Isn't that the truth!
    Actually, I have a cat with the same behavior. Has to be with me, meows when it's time to go to bed, tries to round me up at 8pm to the bedroom, lays waiting for me in the morning, and greats me with a meow. Fortunately, he's not tearing up any hoses or bales of hay!

  15. the dog shuffle, the dog "trip". I've been there for years as well. Mine don't shed as they are all poodle mixes. The rock fetish cracks me up... does he prefer it over a one?

  16. Oh my, you are a woman blessed with patience...I have a soft spot for JR's but not sure I could take that much destruction, my 3yr old daughter does enough of that lol.

    Blessings Kelsie

  17. I found you through one of my fellow bloggers. I can't remember which. Oh wait. I look above and Our Country Home is the name.
    Your Potter is my Higgins. A 5 lb yorkie with a 100 lb mouth. Too smart for his own good.

  18. My Izzie is my shadow and I love it, although I certainly hope we don't have a bonding experience like you and Potter, yikes!

  19. It's nice to have company when you're on the computer! My greyhounds sleep across the room on their dog beds, but the cats are almost always right here helping.

    How could you not love Potter, with all his quirks. He sounds wonderful.